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What is The Role of Social Media in SEO?

By now, you may be aware that social media does have an impact on the search engine optimization of your site. While many of you may understand the significance of social media, few may actually be aware of the role it has to play in determining the search engine friendliness of your site. For many years, SEO companies ranked sites on the basis of keywords and inbound links. But, ranking algorithms soon found it difficult to differentiate between content that real web users could find useful and ones that were full of robot pleasing text solely meant for getting better ranks in a search engine. The present time, however, is being ruled by social media, the optimization of which is done by a SMM company.

Google’s Penguin update and its Impact

This Google update in May 2013 was quite a blow to the SEO tactics that were followed till then. Under the update, several hundreds of sites that had been using black-hat SEO techniques were penalized with rank-droppings. The aim behind this was to deliver the most relevant results to users.

About 2 to 3% of websites were directly hit as they found their organic search rankings to drop terribly for the keywords for which they had ranked well. This fall affected their visibility, meaning a far lesser number of traffic were visiting their site, a scenario which ultimately affected their sales badly. The effects were so widely and badly felt that self-seeking service givers have started publicizing directly at those sites whose bottom lines were affected by the Penguin update.

Authority is key in SEO

The concept of authority is an important aspect of search engine optimization. This refers to the strength of a site when positioned against quality websites. If your site is good enough as compared to your competitors, you will have a better rank than them, giving you better visibility in search engines and making your site more likely to be visited by web users. A good SMM company can help you a lot in getting this position.

How is Authority Calculated?

It is done on the basis of quality content that helps users find relevant information. It should be such that appeals to human beings and not robots.

How do Search Engines identify Quality Content?

You may be wondering that if this post is about social media’s role in search engine optimization, why haven’t I spoken about it yet? Well, that is because I wanted to make you people understand the scenario in a step-by-step manner. It is now that I am going to talk about social media, because its role in SEO comes in now, after you have created quality content.

Along with on-site ranking signals, robots also consider social media as far as content sharing is concerned. Social media shares, likes, re-tweets etc. indicate fresh and interesting content. This is because it is only good content that gets shared. Googlebot prefers content that is shared and considers the frequency and authority of sharing. Social media mentions convey to search engines that you are authoritative and original and that you have several followers who like your content.

Get hold of an efficient SMM company, to get your social media marketing polished and get better ranks in the leading search engines.

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  2. Now I can understand the importance SMO in running my business.It is very important in SEO,infact without SMo seo is never going to be compleate.

  3. Now I can understand the importance SMO in running my business.It is very important in SEO,infact without SMo seo is never going to be compleate.But I like to ask the author how to increase da rankings of our website?

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