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Video Submissions & Promotion

Video submission and promotion is an inseparable part of internet marketing which has evolved to become a vital commercial process. In this age of online marketing it is important to remain visible and attractive to prospective buyers. Websites and web pages are ways to be visible to browsers and potential clients, which is just a necessary condition.

For enhancing websites from their necessary state to optimality it is important to make them attractive. Videos being visually more eye-catching than static contents have a greater influence on viewers' minds. Another vital reason for creating a video is that search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing always target videos as their priority tags.

Videos being faster and more exciting than static pictures catch browsers' attention more easily. Their influence lingers for a considerably longer period than simple contextual web pages. For a video clip to become successful it is imperative for its proper submission and promotion.

Video Submission Services

Video submission service is a specialized task involving its optimization by doing effective SEO techniques. This includes offering suitable titles, Meta description and Meta tags before being finally submitted. At Indian SEO Company submission of videos are done manually by experienced Internet marketers. For video marketing we stress on:

  • Videos are submitted in relevant sites so as to increase their acceptance among viewers. An ill placed video is a futile exercise as it fails to generate required traffic.
  • Video submission for us is a conscious effort for directing viewer traffic to your website instead of just establishing a link.
  • Effective distribution of videos in leading video sharing websites.

Our video submission clients enjoy benefits such as: i) account creation, registration and confirmation, ii) SEO optimization in totality before final submission; iii) manual submission to different video sharing domains by making specific formatting; iv) proper placement of video clips for maximum exposure and clicks; and v) completion of daily report in Google Docs Files or Excel formats.

Video Promotion Services

Video promotion services entail integrating principles, requirements, and methodologies such that conversion from casual clicks to actual business is sufficiently high. It is one of the constituents of video marketing services that specifically are related to increasing sales. For effective video promotion we at India SEO Company ensure:

  • Greater conversion of casual visitors to targeted customers;
  • Increased viral marketing;
  • Creation of brand awareness;
  • Video bookmarking for a wider brand exposure;
  • Increasing visibility by announcement of discounts
Sl No Activities Pack - 1 Pack - 2 Pack - 3 Pack - 4
[We will work on 1 targeted keyword]

[We will work on 3 targeted keyword]

[We will work on 6 targeted keyword]

[We will work on 10 targeted keyword]
1. Keyword analysis for video - to identify right keywords for Title & description of video necessary at the stage of submissions
2. Title & description optimization for video - will be used in the time of all submissions in video search engines, video bookmarking sites, local listing sites
3. Keyword analysis for the webpage containing the video
4. Meta tags optimization for the webpage containing the video
5. Webpage creation - one page for the video to be added in the website
6. Video thumbnail creation to promote the video
7. Video submission to most popular video search engines like Youtube, Dailymotion etc 5 10 15 25
8. Social networking - Video Links will be posted in related groups in sites like Facebook, Linkedin, Google plus (through our own user account or the accounts provided by you) 20 Group Links 40 Group Links 60 Group Links 80 Group Links
9. Video bookmarking - in sites like myvidster, metacafe etc. 5 10 15 25
10. Submission into local listing sites & posting classified ads - in sites like, - accounts will be created by us 3 5 10 20
11. YouTube marketing & promotion - Marketing through Youtube - channel creation, video commenting etc.
12. Niche directory submission for the video link 10 15 20 30
13. Social bookmaking for the video link 10 15 20 30
14. Blog commenting for the video link 3 5 8 10
15. Creating web 2.0 blogs - in sites like, to promote the video 3 6 8 15
16. Social bookmarking for the created web 2.0 blogs in -, etc. 30 60 80 150
17. Article submission - to promote the video 2 4 6 10
18. PPT Creation and submission to promote the video X 1 2 3
19. PDF Creation and submission to promote the video X 1 2 3

* Video(s) and Google account will be provided by Client

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