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Local search optimization is the latest addiction in the domain of SEO. As Google and other search engines are continuously shifting their preference to localized business in their SERP by exploiting advanced geo-targeting technique, it has almost become a necessity for business owners to opt for local search engine optimization. Local search optimization will enable you to grab top listing without competing with thousands of similar websites who are vying with each other for the same purpose. Therefore, it can be said that local search engine optimization can help you a lot to get higher-ranking position in certain terms or particularly in localized terms. We at Indian SEO Company are well aware of the immense importance of local search engine optimization and this is the reason why we are trying to offer local search optimization service at an affordable rate.

As the number of searches based on geographical location has increased drastically, the concept of local search engine optimization is gaining enormous popularity among those website owners who want to see their website at the top. If you can manage to do it, it will definitely increase the visibility of your website among your targeted audience in that geographical location where you business is located.

Some of the salient features of our local search optimization service are specified below:

  • Local Business Directory Submission: We will submit the details of your business in some niche local business directories, Internet yellow pages and other local sites for ensuring better ranking in localized search result.
  • Submission in Local Search Engine: Bing, Yahoo local and Google Map are the three major local search engines that are frequently used by users for in finding localized information. Our experts can submit the details of your business details in Google local business center, Microsoft�s local listing center and Local via Yahoo! Submit properly.
  • We often change the details of meta title, meta description, header text, footer text etc of a website for exploiting the power of geo targeting.
  • Adding detailed information about address, phone no etc at the footer of a website as seamlessly as possible.
  • We try to add information pertained to the city or country in that page which is going to be utilized for local search engine optimization.
  • We try to include Google Map in a targeted website and then linking it to the Yahoo map.
  • Our experts also change the alt tags of images by including geographic information.
  • Bettering the navigation and the structure of the website for making it easier for the search engine robots to crawl it.

Bettering the navigation and the structure of the website for making it easier for the search engine robots to crawl it.

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