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Just having a good look is not sufficient for a website, it has to be user-friendly, unique as well as search engine friendly for ensuring top ranking in the SERP. As the competition is steeping up in the online industry consistently, you have to present your website in a way that should meet the guideline of search engine optimization without adversely affecting overall appearance of your website. Here lies the importance of SEO web design service. We at Indian SEO Company strongly believe in maintaining a fine balance between creativity and SEO guidelines in our seo friendly website design service for ensuring desired outcome at the end. Our web designers and seo professionals are work in tandem for making a website search engine friendly as far as possible.

Some of the unique aspects of our seo website design services are specified below:

Using Fewer Images: Using too many unnecessary images in a website can make it heavy. As search engine cannot read images, you have to use images and content simultaneously in a website for making it user friendly as well as search engine friendly. Alt tag has to be used along with images for bettering online visibility of your website.

Faster Loading A website should not take more than 10 seconds to get loaded. Our seo web design service is aimed at making a fast loading website by using latest technology and by shunning outdated techniques for example frame based design.

HTML Compliance:Make sure the fact that standard HTML codes are only used in the designing process. Search engine rob will find it extremely difficult to crawl HTML codes if there are too many errors in the coding. We at Indian SEO Company always make sure the fact that HTML coding is compliant to W3C standard. This will have a positive impact on your website online visibility.

Easy Navigation: Easy navigation system of a website plays the role of a catalyst in making a website seo friendly. Complex navigation system may appear puzzle to a first time users and therefore you should try to avoid this thing if possible. Easy navigation is considered as an inseparable part of seo friendly website design service.

Using Flash With Care: Flash can undoubtedly make a website worth of watching and highly interactive but at the same time, it can increase the downloading time of your website. We have managed to fix this problem by running different swf files in different locations. Text elements should be used profusely in flash as search engine crawler can only read the text and not the images.

Using Mate Tags: A website should have its meta title, meta description etc added precisely in proper position for increasing the possibility of better online visibility

Having a fair concept about various designing aspects of SEO, our website designers and developers try their level best to deliver the best possible output by infusing both their creative touches and SEO know-how. So be with us for giving an extra edge to your website. Contact us right away if you want to get further information about our seo friendly website design services.

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