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How to Climb Up in Google Local Listings?

According to popular SEO companies, Google Local has proven to be a boon for all sorts of local businesses. Right from fine dining restaurants to dry cleaners, every one has benefited from it. A major reason for Google Local doing so well is the fact that users often switch from seeking universal information to local services like the address of a local pizza outlet. So, it is on occasions when users search for information on a particular local product that Google Local can be benefited from.

Securing a high rank in Google Local, like in the original search engine, can get you more customers, hence, more money. However, getting to the top is not easy; it requires professional effort from efficient SEO companies which can do the job on your behalf.

Here are the best ways to get to the top in Google Local:

Reviews from customers

You need to encourage your viewers to leave reviews as Google Local uses them to determine the rank of a site. A positive review from your consumer serves a huge purpose in elevating your position in the local search. So, how should you go about it?

Well, you can gift discounts and special offers to consumers who write an online review for your business. You can also offer certain products in exchange of reviews. These in local search serve the same purpose as links in the universal ones.

Make use of important keywords

It is very important to include proper keywords in the Google Maps description. For example, if you wish to advertise budget accommodation in X, you should mention ‘Golden Petals Hotel with budget hotel rooms in X’, instead of ‘Visit us for budget hotel rooms’.

Uniform contact address should be used

You are supposed to use the same NAP or name, address and phone number across all the listings on Google Local. Your local search gets a boost when several listings of yours are found with the same NAP. The reason behind this is that Google collects data from numerous sources for determining what users actually think about the respective businesses.

So, when you do not have consistent contact details, your positives won’t be adding up under the same name and the search engine will, thus, find you less trustworthy.

Use quality links from local websites

Share a nice rapport with the popular websites and blogs of your niche. If you own a bar, make sure you are in good terms with the various blogs on drinks or bar guide that is popular among your target consumers. By doing this, you can get links from those sites, which, as you can guess, hold great value to your business. Reviews and links together work best to impress Google.

Google Maps Rankings

It is not necessary that you ought to have a site to rank well in Google Maps. Proper ranking on the map depends on the category and proximity of the industry. Recently, what others have got to say about you has also become necessary for getting a good rank. So, having consistent information on the internet has become very important.

All the efficient SEO companies use these methods, you too should start using them to get yourself a better rank in Google Local.



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  5. Although these tips are great.
    Let me add some more points:
    1. List your business with address in local directories like whitepages, yellowpages etc.
    2. Implement local Business schema code in your site so that Google can easily understand your business
    3. Reference for local newspaper also play goodsy role
    4. It would be awesome if you you integrate author profile ( same location)

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