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Top Mistakes Made By SEO Companies

When you have spent so many precious years of your life to form a SEO company in India or a big worthy team to cater to SEO clients, you have surely developed a certain idea about what works and what doesn’t in the industry.
I, being in this industry for nearly 5 years now, would like to share with you certain SEO and SEM tips that can help you plan and strategize your business operations to grow more and more in the field. In my career I have witnessed various issues and have also contributed in resolving them. Some of these issues are seen in almost all SEO firms. No matter how common these are, these are no less dangerous; hence, should be avoided at all cost. Hopefully, you can benefit from if not all, but at least some of the pointers given below.

You Focus too much on your Price

Being a less expensive service provider is definitely a great advantage. Good luck with that. However, you should always keep it in mind that someone somewhere is trying to steal your consumers through affordable prices.
You being an honest business, obviously aim at providing the very best value to your consumers. Value is an advantage that you can maintain by combining price, service, schedule and relationships. If you have designed your marketing solely around price; you are unknowingly training your consumers into looking for lower prices, both from you’re your business as well as your consumers’.
In order to avoid this, you are advised to find ways for increasing your value as you do for finding lower prices and costs.

Offering Several Service Options

If you are one of those companies that offer a deluge of service plans to your customers, like, ‘bronze’, ‘silver’, ‘gold’, ‘diamond’, ‘platinum’, ‘platinum+’; then let me tell you, the heads of your potential customers hurt with so many options. They simply get confused when they see them.
Your SEO company in India should ideally offer just one solution for all. This should be a service that can be customised particularly to suit the unique business requirements of each client. If you do not find that to be feasible, then I suggest do not offer more than three levels of services. The first one is generally the least expensive, but gets the job done; the second one offers a mid-range price; and the third one is the most expensive one. You can expect almost 80% of your customers to choose the second option, and the third one will obviously be chosen by only a few clients.
So, why will the second option bring in more revenue? Well, because most will find the third one too expensive and settle for the second one; others who are on a tight budget, may feel that the cheapest package is not satisfactory; hence, will end up choosing the second option.

You do not Plan on your Growth

It is not rare to find SEO companies that have about 15 employees, 20 clients and an annual turnaround of around $500,000. Well, I absolutely respect the fact that that is your game plan. However, having said that, I feel that when you have a business, you should try to grow and develop it. How can you do this? Well, there is no simple answer. But there’s one thing that you can try- a franchise model type of business plan. See if you have enough resources to set up another office elsewhere. If you do, go ahead. But, if you don’t your business is possibly dependant on a single person.

You Give more Importance to your New Clients Rather than the Existing Ones

Don’t you get annoyed when your mobile phone company introduces a new handset deal, while you are stuck with a “brick” because you had to sign a 2 years contract and now you are only mid way into the contract? That is exactly how your clients feel. Trust me, most of them will tell you that they were much happier during the initial phase of the deal than present. No wonder, SEO companies are known for their downgrading services.
Instead of focusing on the new clients, try to cater to all clients equally. The degree of success of a business is after all measured by seeing the number of repeat clients it has rather than the number of new clients, who may not ever come back to you. Besides, you being a business owner should always have a sense of integrity. Make sure you deliver what you had promised.

You do not Understand the Requirement of a New Client

I advise you to not make the mistake of generalising the requirement of your clients. SEO firms mostly believe that a client is here to either get the top rank in Google or more traffic. Instead, interview them to find out their exact requirements. This can be done over phone, online chat or email. This way you will find it easier to achieve the goal, because you will know exactly which way to walk. So, do not ever make assumptions, and do not accept general answers like “I want more”.

You Fail to Realise the Goals of your Clients

Do not assume that the goal that was agreed upon when the client started working with you will continue for months after months. It changes every now and then. While the client may have come with the goal of increasing keyword ranking on Google, the next month, he or she may get upset because a particular page is not ranking well. So, remember that the goals of your clients will always be changing. You need to keep up with that.

A famous SEO company in India warns you against the mistakes mentioned above. If you were making any of these, stop immediately; you will surely thank me!

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