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Using Pinterest Effectively for Promoting your Brand

Pinterest is a social media site that enables you to share photos that are theme based. Through this photo sharing website, a SMM company could help you in creating brand awareness and generating business for your product or service. Unlike message sharing networking sites, this site might only be used for sharing images or photos that are arranged in various categories. Users, through these images, might go to their selected links, sort, manage, save and share them.

Significance of Pinterest

Pinterest has assumed great importance in this era of e-commerce, particularly among B2B (business to business) and B2C (business to consumer). Producers of goods and services are using this networking site increasingly for furthering their business opportunities. As this is a common platform, it becomes necessary for advertisers to use it thoughtfully. The major factor motivating advertisers in participating in this form of marketing is the opportunity of reaching out to an untapped audience. A social marketing management (SMM) company ensures driving more traffic to your site and gain in audience strength.

More Purposeful Links

You must avoid putting in links that guide you only to images. Though an image might be a primary attraction, it should carry meaningful links. For
instance, if you are advertising for a cooking class, your link should guide viewers to a proper recipe and its method of preparation. Uploading a picture is not enough for attracting viewers. In fact, just uploading a picture against your link might act as a deterrent and discourage a new visitor for a sufficient period of time. Sufficient details and meaningful content must be linked to your images.

Engage your Fans

Keeping your fans engaged is an effective way of driving more traffic to your site. A SMM company does this by image re-pinning. Re-pinning ensures exposure in the form of notifications in your fans’ pages. This assists in attracting viewers that like you. This kind of engagement is solicited as it is a definite way of improving fan following.

Regular Pinning

Pinning in regularity is another responsibility of these  SMM company
Ideally, pinning should be done on a daily basis. Daily pinning is more crucial for products or services that are new entrants to this platform. It may be noted that there is no penalty for excessive pinning. In case you are dealing in retail items or fast-moving consumer goods, daily pinning is the best way to attract new fans to your page.

Thorough knowledge of your Audience

For effective pinning, it is necessary to have a thorough knowledge of your
target audience. This helps you in writing descriptions or pins as per the likings of respective visitors. A personalized approach assists in creating a close association with your visitors who may be converted into customers. Pin descriptions should be scripted carefully such that there is not any spelling or grammatical mistakes. Further, these descriptions need to be written lucidly such that they are easily understood.

Pin Tracking

A SMM company does pin tracking regularly. Through tracking, it is possible to study your followers’ interests and their interactions about your product or service. Ideally, tracking should be done once every day.



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