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Effective SEO Tips for Mobile Websites

Mobile handsets are no longer restricted to speaking and exchanging messages. They have evolved into complete communication devices with Internet access capabilities. It is not surprising to note then that as high as 30 percent of Internet search enquiries are from handheld devices. In keeping with this trend, SEO services India are increasingly focusing on effective optimization techniques for mobile compatible websites. Here, it may be pointed out that web designers are now concentrating on dynamic formats so that they are equally accessible by mobile and immobile Internet compatible communication devices.

Trust your psychological instincts

While carving out an effective optimization technique for mobile equipments, choosing of keywords needs to be done very carefully. Unlike a desktop or a laptop that has a large display, the display of a handheld device is substantially small allowing lesser flexibility to a user. Under such situations, shorter keywords are used and searches made accordingly.

Thus, while optimizing, it is important to choose shorter tailed keywords or outstanding singular varieties. Trust your instincts to choose these keywords carefully.

Size is important

It is a normal tendency among computer operators or handset users to search vertically rather than horizontally. Navigation links and menus should thus be arranged vertically for easy operability. For devices with a vertical orientation, search becomes easier. Web developers thus should opt for vertical distribution.

Continuous connectivity

Users of mobile devices want to remain connected throughout 24 hours on all seven days a week. These they do either for entertainment or for necessity. As handheld devices are increasingly being used for connecting to customers or vendors, their corresponding websites need to be optimized likewise. Users using handsets for listening to music or chatting with friends should have easy links to radio FM stations or social networking sites. SEO services India professionals must keep these considerations in mind while optimizing mobile web pages.

Optimize to scale

It is always advisable to create web pages as per the scale of an output device, rather than scaling up or down a web page. This way, it is easier to adjust to equipments of different dimensions. Separate formats need to be designed for mobiles, desktops, and tablets.

Importance of link location

It is important for each of the mobile-friendly pages to have a link to the main desktop site that is clearly marked as well so that there is no restriction in accessing the full site.

The all-important click-to-call

Customers should be able to directly call you from your mobile site. For this, you have to make sure the phone number is displayed clearly in each of the mobile-friendly pages.

Use of rich content cautiously

Webpages that have rich content that is videos and images take time to load, especially on mobile operating systems. For this reason, care must be taken to reduce file sizes of such rich content so that the pages can properly render on the mobile devices of users.

Welcome search engine crawlers

Search engines are aware of the fact that your webpages’ mobile-friendly versions are an extension of your site and not duplicate content. You only have to ensure that the mobile content crawlers of search engines are sent to the same mobile version which users are directed to. This avoids penalties like cloaking.

Any company providing SEO services India follows the above-mentioned rules in order to build a mobile-compatible website.

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