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Effective Keyword Research Tips to Boost Online Traffic

Even the best SEO Company can have a tough time choosing keywords for boosting the traffic of PPC and SEO campaigns.

Following are some tips to be help you choose them effectively.

Swipe the keyword research of your competitor

You can get the keywords researched by your established competitor. How? You can use the free Keyword Tool of Google to do the job ethically.

Here’s what needs to be done: Firstly, list the top 5 competitors that rank in the first page of Google’s search result pages. Choose the theme of the keyword that you would want to focus on. Then copy the top five URLs that have a rank for the term in the Keyword Tool Website Box of Google.

You then need to change the language and location on the basis of your targeted geographical area. In case you are targeting global audience, choose Global and English. In keyword match types, you need to select between phrase and exact match.

The best part of this process is that it instantly gives you the search volume for the chosen key-phrases.

So get started with selecting relevant key-phrases and group them to create a set of themed key-phrases.

Look for hidden long tail keywords in the exact match or phrase match difference

This way, you can uncover any concealed long tail keywords which may be less competitive as compared to other keywords. You need to find the difference in the search volumes between Exact Match and Phrase Match.

The Keyword Tool in Google shows the search volumes in Exact and Phrase match but it seldom shows the long tail keywords that aim for SEO and PPC campaigns. Basically, what you need to do is find out the exact and phrase match search volume of a certain keyword. You can have a winning keyword, if you find a big difference between the search volumes.

You may search for long tail keywords through the instant searches in Google or with the help of some PPC campaign to drive some clicks that can help you identify the concealed keyword opportunities. Once you find the keywords, try to build content around it.

Blog on product launches and upcoming events

Keep an eye on the product releases of the competitor, industry news and industry updates.

Try to rank and optimize key-phrases that are not being searched for now but have great chances of being searched for in the future. Doing so will allow you to generate tons of traffic for the particular search string.

Basically, you need to anticipate key-phrases that can be highly searched for in the coming days. Ranking these key-phrases is easy as no one else is optimizing the strings.

Hire the services of the best SEO Company to prepare date-based keywords like ’Boxing Day 2013’.

For local search, you can add geo-targeted search strings to the keywords

If you offer your services in a particular geographical area or own a local business, geo-location key-phrases can help you rank better and faster. Suppose you have a SEO company in New York, your ideal key-phrase would then be ‘SEO services New York’.

With these tips, you can surely overcome your keyword research issues.

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