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The Power of Using Long Tailed Keywords on Niche Topics for Better SEO Ratings

Search engine optimization parameters change form time to time, and it is the responsibility of a SEO company to be aware of these and accordingly inform web page developers about these changes of a regular basis. Traditional keywords are short and are used extensively by content writers and designers for getting desired search engine results. It has been observed that searches for short keywords are considerably high making searches tougher. On the contrary, use of long tailed keywords, particularly for a niche product, makes searches easier and the concerned page optimized faster. Use of long trailed keywords is one of several ways of search engine optimization.

Length of long tailed keywords 

Ideally long tailed keywords vary between three and six letters. Unlike short tailed ones, these are easily identifiable and face lesser competition. With easier identification and controlled competition these words are optimized more easily enabling a higher rank for the concerned page. As web pages are primarily designed for commercial purposes, a higher traffic implies greater sales.

Long tailed and short tailed keywords compared 

Though it is preferable to use long tailed keywords for better website traffic, the use of short ones cannot be ignored. In general, long tailed are well specified and restricts search options; whereas short terms are used for a wider search and where brands are not categorized. For instance a search for ‘apartment in New York’ would have several options as compared ‘furnished studio apartment in New York’. The terms ‘furnished’ and ‘studio’ narrows down your search and make them better defined. A SEO company uses both forms of keywords as either is essential in generating online traffic.


The significance of any modification or adaptation of any new technique ultimately lies in its marketability. As all these exercises pertain to web pages, their marketing implications could be considerable. A lengthy keyword being distinctive always has a lesser competition and ensures better return on investments. Designing and developing webpage involves technological and human resources, both of which add to the cost of creating a website. Since competition is always high in online marketing segment, usage of longer keywords narrows this down allowing greater chance of visibility for an online advertiser or marketer.

An unusual keyword is not stored in database as it is not searched much. This allows faster access to sites using such unusual keywords. Conversion rates have also been found to be higher for these Internet sites.

Identification of long tail keywords

This is an innovative process and involves the most creative brains in business. A brainstorming session among peers, friends, and associates is highly effective is finding out lengthy keywords. Visiting websites of competitors or related companies also provide an insight into relevant words and phrases. Old records and tasks of a SEO company is also a helpful source for these keywords.


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