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5 Simple Tips to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile for Better Online Visibility

LinkedIn is one of the most overlooked social networking websites. Compared to Facebook and Twitter, it seems boring and most people think that it’s nothing but a website for submitting resumes. However, if you ask any SMM company, they will beg to differ. They will tell you that it is one of the most powerful social media platforms and Google gives it high importance while generating SERPs. If you don’t believe me, simply Google your name and I am sure your LinkedIn profile link will appear within the top five results.

These days, employers often search job applicants’ names online to know more about them and thus, a LinkedIn profile can be beneficial for you. Most of us have LinkedIn profiles, because our friends have it too, but never pay much attention to it. Improving a LinkedIn account is not difficult and once optimized; it can help your name rank higher on Google search results.

Here are a few things you can do to improve your LinkedIn profile.

linkedin-easy steps

Edit your profile URL: The default user URL is basically a string of digits and codes. Nobody can understand it’s your profile by looking at the URL. We often share our LinkedIn URL via phone or print it on business card and if it’s a jumble of letters and digits, nobody will remember it. It must be brief and self explanatory. In order to create a custom URL, you must go to Profile>Edit Profile>Profile Picture>Short URL>Edit>Customize and type something that is suitable for your personality. It can be your name, your profession or something else that is important.

Fill up the profile: Your profile is the first thing people will see after visiting your page and incomplete work experience or education details can create a negative impression on their mind. Whether it’s a personal page or company account managed by a SMM company, all the important information must be there to increase connections. Post as much information as possible and fill up the small things you may have overlooked earlier.

Write SEO friendly summary: You should write a keyword-rich summary of your career. LinkedIn allows 2000 words-long summary, but most people write only a few lines. Don’t do the same mistake. Write a lengthy summary with the keywords related to your profession. For example, if you are a content writer, mention “content writing” 2-3 times in your summary.

Create a custom headline: It’s not necessary to post your job title as headline. Think what makes you different from others and what abilities people like you for professionally. Write your skills in headlines and make sure your profile stands out from the rest.

Use “sections” intelligently: If you had won any award, know several languages or published a book, flaunt your achievements. For example, a section like “publications” lets you add URL of the published article or book, so that visitors can check it out. If you want to add sections, go to Edit Profile>Section.

All these are minor tweaks, but can increase your online visibility. However, if you have a corporate account and want to utilize your LinkedIn profile to generate leads, these tweaks are not enough for your brand. For proper brand building and marketing on LinkedIn, you should hire a professional SMM company.


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