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Citations and their Impact on Local Business Ranking

Citation is a search engine optimization technique undertaken by any leading SEO company India for improving the ranking of your web page under local search. Citation technically is mentioning your contact details to other websites which are otherwise not linked. A typical example of citation is an online directory wherein your contact details are mentioned but are never linked to.

Citations need to be correct and consistent. In case you are inserting your business details in multiple directory sites, care should be taken that information sent to each one of these is same and correct. There should be complete consistency in your information to these different directory websites. It is advisable to make as many citations as possible as that is a way of ensuring your legality of business to search engines and online visitors.

A question answered

A question could automatically come to your mind as to how a search engine could validate the legality of your business based on citations. More number of citations indicate greater visibility and easier to identify your existence. In case of fictitious contact details, the chances of getting caught is much higher if multiple citations are done. It could be safely assumed that an organization or business establishment going in for multiple citations is legal.

Multiple insertions not only help authenticate the legality of your business but also of your website. Search engines function more efficiently on authentic websites. Once authenticated, visitors are guided to your site by search engines without any trouble. Multiple exposures in local business directories help you achieve this. More insertions are looked upon as a successful endeavour and help in getting a high rank for your website.

Helpful citation techniques

A leading SEO company India applies the following techniques to improve your local business ranking:

1) Enlisting your business with proper name, business address and telephone is an important SEO ranking criterion for local listings. These enlistments should ideally be done in leading local online directories.

2) For multiple insertions, care should be taken that each of these has the same set of information. They must appear exactly similar. Any duality or mistaken insertion affects your business ranking adversely.

3) It is always advantageous to submit business articles with your business address and contact number details. It also ensures to increase the number of citations you receive from article directories.

4) Organising local events such as road shows, conferences and presentations helps immensely in getting local business recognition. Inviting sponsors to such events give a huge boost to your image, thereby increasing your acceptability among end-users. Consequently, the number of visitors is expected to soar and your business opportunities increase.

5) For new insertions, it is always a good idea to check details of competitors as they are a valuable source of information.

In your efforts to get a high ranking among local business establishments, citations thus play a vital role. SEO company India are the best professionals to approach for this kind of insertions and optimization.

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