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Adopt SEO methods for Repurposing Great Content

It is the responsibility of the best SEO company to recreate content that is captivating, informative and appealing. Reconstruction of such contents essentially involves reposting of content in different external websites and through creation of blogs. It must, however, be remembered that repurposing or reposting is not content duplication but a calculative way of restructuring an already existing content.

A usual question, at this point, that might be asked is as to why an advertiser should look forward to repurposing content. The primary reason behind this is to let your website visitors know that your content is published in other websites as well. Repurposed articles are displayed as thumbnails or have their links provided when viewed with a CMS (content management system). Visitors or viewers having RSS (rich site summary) application running on their system could also access these. This form of publicity is worthwhile, more so if you are in content writing or content management trade.

Summarise your content

Summarizing content is a fine way of regeneration. This summarized content should be in reference to its original. Inclusion of different images for re-purposed articles is highly recommended. If possible, an interview with reference to the original article could also be taken. This not only adds variety to your restructured matter but also makes it more interesting to readers. With provisions for readers’ comments and suggestions, the possibilities of your content (in this case, the interview) increase manifold. Updates keep coming in regularly and with each update, viewer traffic of your website rises in multiples. Herein lays the contribution of the best SEO company.

Integration of ‘rel=canonical’ tag

‘Rel=canonical’ tag integration is extremely beneficial in case you have multiple websites under your control and management. This tag placed at the head of a page helps in linking with the original, a property of a web page that improves its ranking. This tag enables search engines to publish articles and other uploads in associated publications.

Application of 301-redirect

In case you find difficulty in integrating and applying ‘rel=canonical’ to your re-purposed articles, ‘301-redirect’ might also be used for their reposting. Redirects are, in essence, driving away visitors from your site to other comparable sites, and hence its applicability might be argued against. It has been found that though visitors are redirected to other websites, they do not lose loyalty to the original site.

This 301-redirect is beneficial for blog sites from where visitors could be guided to different web pages with similar or more exhaustive content. This feature, in fact, acts to your advantage for you being treated as a dependable guide. Every time a trusted viewer needs to check up something, new reference is taken from your site. Your blog site thus becomes somewhat of a reference and invites visitors in greater numbers.

The best SEO company to which you have access is ideally innovative and is continuously on the lookout for offering something new to its loyal viewers. With all these new features, you get a chance of regeneration of contents without having to face penalties from search engines.

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