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What Are The Differences Between DA and PR?

The increasing changes in Google search algorithms have de-popularized the concept of Google Page Ranks or PR, making the MOZ domain more popular. Hence, any credible SEO company India is recommending Domain Authority or DA over Page Rank to their clients. So, we can say that Domain Authority is virtually replacing the authority of Google Page Rank.

What are Google Page Rank and Domain Authority?

With PR, sites are indexed according to their popularity, and this popularity is measured on the basis of several factors. Here, rank is given on a scale of 0 to 10, with 0 representing the least popular site and 10 the most popular one. It is calculated on the basis of do-follow and no-follow backlinks in sites.

Domain Authority, on the other hand, is also used to determine the popularity of a domain. However, unlike PR, DA focuses only on the performance of a site in various search results. DA ranks in a scale of 1 to 100, with 100 representing the most popular domain and 0 the least popular.

What are the differences between Page Rank and Domain Authority?

The various differences between Google PR and DA are:

Level of accuracy based on scale

The accuracy of the index is what the difference between DA and PR is based on. Google Page Rank is based on website popularity which is measured on a scale of 0 to 10. With this method, it becomes really difficult to determine how much progress you are making or whether you are making any progress at all. Suppose your last rank was 6, and this time too, it is 6. Under such circumstances, you may feel that you haven’t progressed at all, but in actuality, you may have progressed a little, with a rank of 6.3. You cannot determine this rank on PR because its ranks are stated in whole numbers. Hence, unlike DA, Google Page Rank is not accurate.

Frequency of updates

MOZ DA is much more frequently updated than Page Rank  making the former more reliable than the latter. Frequency of updates is one of the chief reasons why a SEO company India favors Domain Authority over Page Rank.

General importance of PR and DA

Google itself has reduced the importance of Page Rank by stating that it is only one of the several tools that are considered in awarding Search Engine Result Pages. This fact obviously makes Domain Authority a more accurate and reliable form of indexing.

Difference in impact of SERPs

It is important to note that PR has a direct impact on search results unlike DA, which is a simple tool with which you can see where you stand in terms of popularity. PR, however, can help you increase your rank in SERPs. Besides, Google is a far bigger company compared to MOZ, and has thus gained a lot of trust from people worldwide. So, it won’t be very surprising if more people choose to stay with Page Rank.

So, you can see that though DA is much more useful, and more and more people are choosing it, PR still continues to be one of the most trusted indexing factors. So, a SEO company India may recommend Domain Authority but it still uses Page Rank.

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  1. Domain authority and page authority also have a mutually beneficial relationship; building more links to your individual pages will have the effect of raising your domain authority, and raising your domain authority in general will increase the page authority of your individual pages.

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