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Techniques to Get Leads Online Using Long Tail Keywords

Releasing algorithm updates every month has become a common practice of world’s largest search engine. Whether it is Panda, Penguin or Hummingbird, Google’s main concern has always been to keep the web free from spam. Since Google works as a bridge and connect users with quality content through the SERP pages, they hate to offer end users any meaningless reference. Every time a new SEO update is released, professionals working in a SEO company India get terrified because such algorithm updates hit the ranking of clients’ sites and they start blaming the service provider.
One of the most used SEO techniques for bringing traffic to a site is guest posting, but a few weeks ago, Matt Cutts warned SEO professionals regarding the over usage of guest posting. The warning may have surprised some people because guest posting is one of the authentic and effective ways to get quality backlinks. However, if you think carefully you will understand that Matt is actually not against guest blogging, he wants the SEO experts to stop over using it. After all, if you post dozens of guest posts every week and offer no relevant information to the end users, you are simply spamming the web.

The Risks and Rewards of Online Marketing

Search engine experts always think about one thing and that is “how to get leads online?” Unfortunately, in order to generate leads, people have used link building techniques unethically over the years. Link building is very risky these days and stakes are very high even if you are doing the things right way. Google is becoming more and more suspicious. There is a possibility that with the help of backlinks you will bring thousands of visitors to your site, but there is also a possibility of getting punished by algorithm updates and losing all the organic traffic.
Does that mean the future of SEO experts is very dark? Not at all. If you work in a SEO company India, then you should know that backlinks are still very important to Google as the search engine giant checks them to decide the ranking of a site on SERP. So, the question is how can you generate backlinks that won’t get punished by algorithm updates?
The answer lies with long tail keywords. With the help of long tail keywords your site can secure rank for a wide range of search queries and stay safe from Panda and Penguin updates.

Traditional versus long tail keyword

Search engine optimization techniques are evolving continuously and Google is really not in favour of traditional SEO. There is no doubt that backlinks are one of the most prime factors that Google considers while punishing a site for link spamming. Anchor text is generally the major part of a website’s linking profile and unfortunately can also be the cause of penalty. Earlier, exact match keywords had been used for anchor text, but now this strategy can backfire. If you target a few exclusive keywords try to create links around them then your site will soon get punished.
Don’t get me wrong though. If you own a small web development company and targeting the keyword “web design” to get leads, then you may successfully bring several customers to your site. However, if you spend $3000 for SEO and post 50 guest posts using the same “web design” keyword, search engines will start questioning your method.
Developing a high quality long tail keyword strategy is not as easy as it may seem. It is not just about keyword research. You need to develop quality content as well to make sure that the articles will rank high when web users will type the long tail searches. The traffic must be converted into leads and after that you need to track the success of your campaign.

Here is the answer to your question “how to get leads online?”

Find out and organize a long tail keyword list:

You have to find different variations of the root keyword to produce several long tail keywords. Organize the keywords in an Excel sheet. Keep the root keyword in one cell and write down as many variations as you can think just below that. For example, if “web design” is the root keyword, then some of the long tail keywords can be “web design service providers”, “cheap web design services” “web design companies in New York” etc. At the right hand of the keywords, write down the web page URLs that you are targeting. This way, you will get a list showing long tail keywords and the pages matching those keywords.
Another useful way of finding long tail keyword is to think like a user. If someone is looking for web design services, then what type of questions can he ask Google? Note that these questions are not directly related to your web pages. Thus, you can those keywords in your blog posts to answer the questions.

Create the Right Content:

As I have mentioned in the previous point, you need to answer the questions people are having and using long tail keywords to ask. A blog is the ideal place to utilize long tail keywords and bring the traffic home. For example, people often type in Google “Why hire a web design company?” You can answer this question by writing a blog post, “The benefits of hiring a web design company.” Add the target search phrase in the Meta description, Title and Headings tag.

Acquire Quality Backlinks:

Now that you know the long tail keywords and created a great content, your next job is to build the authority of that page with a few quality backlinks. The good thing about having a long tail strategy is that you can push the links to a wide range of pages. In order to get backlinks you can write guest blog posts and utilize article marketing. Mix up the anchor text referring back to your site so that Google doesn’t suspect any foul practice.

Incoming traffic needs to be converted into leads:

This is probably the most vital step that answers your question “how to get leads online?” Once people visit your site, you must give them something more to move forward. Visitors are satisfied with your article, so you can offer them something else that will encourage them to take an action. For example, you can offer a free e-book and ask the visitors to share their email address to download the e-book.

Follow the Leads until they Become Customers:

When you have a list of 100 visitors’ email addresses, it proves that they are interested in your product or service, but not ready to buy right now. Hence, you need to send them interesting content each week and convince them that you have exactly what they need. Eventually, they will become your customer. Some great tools for nurturing and tracking leads are HubSpot, Marketo and Infusionsoft.

After reading this article you should have a fair idea regarding how to get leads online. What strategy do you apply in your SEO company India to help clients find new customers? Share your thoughts with us.

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