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Is Investing in Social Media Marketing Strategies a Good Idea?

Marketing is the key to reach maximum number of customers and these days digital marketing is not restricted to websites anymore. Social media is very popular nowadays and gives you a universal platform to reach maximum number of potential customers. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest can help you connect with the customers emotionally and boost your brand image. If your company still does not have a Facebook or Twitter account, then you are simply allowing your competitors to beat your business. You can hire a SMM company for your social media marketing campaign or take care of your marketing campaign personally. However, every type of marketing requires through knowledge of the field and thus, it is wise to hire a team of professionals for planning proper social media marketing strategies.
If you are still in doubt about social media marketing and think that it is a waste of money, then here are some facts that you need to know.

Reasons for Investing in Social Media Marketing Strategies

# You get the opportunity to see what your customers are talking about:

One of the biggest benefits of SMM is that you get to see what your fans and followers are sharing on their wall. The posts are tweets help you understand what excites them and what they may like to hear from your brand. Once you study the fans for a couple of weeks, you can realign your social media marketing strategies to get closer to them emotionally. For example, suppose you are a hotelier and find that your target audience support eco-friendly efforts of corporate houses. So, if you are recycling water for your hotel, you can inform people about your eco-friendly move to earn their respect.
Always remember that branding differentiates a company from another. When your brand becomes popular, you can charge hundreds of dollars for a product or service. Even if your product/service is costlier and offers only a few extra facilities, customers will happily pay the price because they will enjoy the pride to be associated with your brand.

# You can solve problems quickly:

Getting customers’ feedback fast is important to solve any issues they may have with your products. Facebook, Twitter and Google+ give you the opportunity to interact with customers directly and address their problems. People generally share both praise and frustration on fan pages and tweet their opinion. When you see that people are facing any problem, you can resolve the issue immediately. A timely comment or tweet can make your brand immensely popular among the consumers. People like to buy from a brand that takes care of its customers and deals with customer complaints.

# Your competitors are not ignorant:

You may think that SMM is useless and hiring a SMM company is a waste of time and money, but your competitors are reaping the benefits of social media marketing. The sooner you build a Facebook, Google+ page and Twitter profile, the better it is for your business. It is much harder to grab the attention of fans if you are too late and your competitors have thousands of loyal supporters.

# People pay attention to posts:

It is true that brands mainly post promotional content on social media sites, but the interesting thing is that people don’t consider posts and tweets as advertisements. Hence, instead of ignoring your promotional content, they view, like and share it. Let me explain you the difference. If you post a video describing the benefits of your merchandize on Facebook or Google+, your fans will accept it happily. But of you try to do the same using TV ads, they will consider it as marketing propaganda.

# You can boost sales:

When you stay in touch the potential customers 24×7, they are bound to remember your name and prefer to deal with your company when they need the product that you sell. In order to boost sales, you can offer coupon codes via your Facebook fan page. This strategy will not only help you increase sales figures, but also augment the fan base as well. People will rush to you page to get the discount codes. Dominos applies this strategy frequently to continue social media chatter.

# You will find new customers:

Twitter allows you to search trending topics using hashtag. Hashtag is a great tool to find people who are interested in your business. For example, if you run a web design company and search #webdesign, you may find people posted tweets like “I need web design service” or “searching for a web design expert” etc. You can reply them and share your website URL or web design package details. Such social media marketing strategies can help you get in touch with new clients without spending any extra money on marketing.

# It is completely free of cost:

Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or any other social media site does not charge a single penny for business promotion. You can open a profile or business page for free and start your social media marketing campaign without any investment. If you hire a professional SMO company for managing your marketing campaign, then you need to pay them, but the return on investment is excellent.

# Big or small everyone can win:

Social media does not offer any additional advantage to big businesses. As long as you share engaging content and respond to posts and tweets, people will be eager to communicate with your brand. So, even if you own a start-up company, you can still get thousands of fans within a short time.
While there is no doubt about the effectiveness of social media marketing, you must remember that competition is very high because everyday millions of posts and tweets are being published by various brands. Therefore, you must think differently and come up with unique social media marketing strategies to retain people’s attention. Customer engagement is a must to get good return on investment. Just like web, content is king in social media as well. An intelligently written post or a funny meme can give your brand huge exposure. Unless you have enough experience in SMM, it is wise to hire a SMO company for taking care of your marketing campaign. You will start noticing the difference in brand recognition and revenue within a couple of months.

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