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Different Tactics Applied By Experts of SEO Company India for On Page SEO

A site which is structured with the viewers in mind will automatically have a better rank because it has suitable on page SEO. Search engines such as Google also rank pages based on the information a reader is trying to find. If it is trusted by the viewer then it is trusted by search engines. The page rank will also automatically improve and hence traffic will flow into such sites.  Most Experts of SEO Company India base their strategies with the above key points in mind.

When they structure the site, they apply the following steps:

For Content of Page

  • The pages are kept sort and simple, so the file size varies from about a minimum 2 KB to maximum 8 KB.
  • Important keywords for the site SEO services are searched out and put on Title tags, headings and Meta tags. One of the
    most important aspects, the experts of the SEO Company India try and remember is not to overuse the keywords and the keyword phrases. Use of keywords is kept as natural as possible, without emphasizing on anything. Otherwise, there are definite penalty for keyword stuffing.
  • A site has images and important scripts for turning the site navigable and interesting. All these components of the site starting from the scripts to images and others have to be as simple as possible.
  • Sound, Flash, Javascripts, etc. are larger and more complex files for spiders. Hence, when they are incorporated in the site structure, it increases site load and also these components are difficult to read by search engine spiders. Experts of on page SEO, in order to improve the quality of text content lowers the use of the flash, javascripts and such content use to as little as possible.

Keyword and Keyword Phrases

  • Starting from the home page to landing page or pages that are linked with the two main web pages should be strategically linked by careful use and placement of keywords and the keyword phrases. The keywords act as link text.
  • In SEO services it is not unusual to find keywords and keyword phrases within image alt tags in icons and pictures that
    are used for the site. This is done because search engine spiders are able to read such phrases easily.

The Meta Tags

  • Meta Tags for each page has 4 to about 6 keywords.
  • The description is kept between 120 and 150 characters.
  • Experts of SEO Company India never use ‘global keywords’ in the meta tags and description as it leads to lowering of site rank. The keywords must always be unique for site and according information offer in such site.

The SEO Structure of Site

  • Entire structure of the site starting from themes used and site coding is based on keyword phrases or on keyword.
  • Content hierarchy is also quite important. Accordingly one can emphasize on the page title and the headings by using <h1> tags and the <strong> tags.
  • Search engines are found to be well versed and can easily recognize stylesheet alterations. Hence, these tags are used by experts of SEO India carefully.
  • In on page SEO services, short link paths are developed for users to access subpages easily. The navigational menus used in the site are also kept simpler on each of the pages based on keywords.
  • Experts of companies of SEO India also never use pictorial or graphical images to represent navigational menu.

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