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On Page SEO methods Used for WordPress

One of the most useful platforms for on page SEO is WordPress. Not only is it popular amongst bloggers who enjoy on page optimization with this tool, but other experts in SEO Company India create content based theme, sales letter and sites, using this tool. Initially, there was little scope of this tool in site on page SEO. As new technologies and advances gave way to innovative themes this platform also opened in a new way to the developers and designers placed around the world.

There are lots of proven and effective methods of on page optimization that the WordPress experts apply so that search engines would rank the site highly:

You can use text for your site title – Instead of using an image, you can now use text for the site title. Most themes in WordPress have this bonus. The advantage of such method is that one need not waste time putting the title with keywords within H1 tags. When one already has keyword rich domain name as well as title for the site, WordPress by itself would use the H1 tags by default. Hence, for SEO company things have become easier. It is not time consuming.

In addition, plain texts look very boring for readers. In WordPress, it is possible to customize CSS, so one can easily style the title in the themes. A designer or a developer is never limited across this platform. They have lots of options to choose from. Even for an amateur, who does not have an idea on PHP can completely style the entire header on own.

You can change the permalink – Many people kept permalink structure same as they were at the beginning. This is because in
the older versions of the WordPress it was quite hard a task. One had to edit the access file in order to change permalink. However, in latest version of WordPress, this is done only with touch of a button. There are many new and unique aspects and categories that have been added. A familiarity with WordPress codex can also help individuals discover and try many more and different options.

For on page SEO the best version is “/%category%/%postname%/”. In this way, keywords are emphasized. A site has the chance to rise in ranking based on the category keywords used for appearing in URL. Automatically, target audiences flow in.

You can use footer in a highly beneficial wayThe SEO Company use links in footer. Since most WordPress site today has Java navigation, which is not good for SEO purpose as search engine spiders are unable to read links in Java, tail keywords in footer are applied to help the inflow of traffic for you. One only needs to create a list category or keyword links, which would be relevant with the pages.

When emphasized by bolded keywords, search engine spiders find keywords easily, enabling easy index of the site. Even if pages are used instead of post, linking them together with the child pages as well as using keywords helps optimize the pages.

Plenty more tricks and tips are present with reputed SEO Company. The experts in SEO Company India often use the all in one SEO plug-in that WordPress which is integrate as new feature. There is lots more scope with WordPress.


  1. Thanks for sharing the on page SEO methods used for WordPress.
    This software will be very useful for customizing the title or the header even for an amateur who does not have an idea of PHP.

    Thanks again

  2. How about the idea to display the searched keywords for any page. Because we have plugins like Search Term Tag, we can list them in every page. The terms will be highly relevant because they are the actual keywords worthy enough to land a visitor from search engine. Rather than a static link on footer, I guess it will be more beneficial. Would love to have your idea on this aspect.

  3. Ok got your points. I am having a wordpress blog.These tips will certainly help me.

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