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On page SEO: Road to Success in 2012

Internet is becoming inundated with millions of websites that are not properly optimized and are destined to perish inevitably. As a result 99 percent of websites lose their existence in the first page in spite of having attractive design, effective content and huge potential to meet the needs of the visitors. The key factor to survive in this highly competitive online business for an SEO company India is to develop an SEO friendly website. The very basis of SEO is to recognize the chief queries of the audience and how it functions. Therefore Coding and structuring, presentation and outlook becomes essential for a website. On page SEO has a vital role here.

In past few years on page SEO seems to have taken back-seat in comparison to off page SEO factors. In spite of all these controversies experts still claim that on-page SEO has returned and Google sets out for new quest for further improvement of search results.

On page optimization has been a matter of concern for any SEO company in India today. The term on page optimization includes thorough keyword research, page name bearing keyword, header text comprising h1 tag, header and footer texts with proper choice of keywords, creating JavaScript external files on requirement, modifying footer links, Meta title, and proper Meta description. Checking cross browser compatibility is of primary importance for on page SEO. Other factors include optimization of Meta description, giving a name to images, interlinking inner pages, canonicalizing URLs, interlinking inner pages, and validation of your code.

Off page optimization incorporates creating detail and xml sitemap, submission of press release, registration to forum, submitting site in Bookmark sites, creating blogs and RSS feeds, etc.

Therefore SEO tips for the year 2012 are as follows:

  • Unique and original content is the key criterion
  • Inclusion of social media platforms that may help increasing traffic to a website
  • Target to become mobile friendly: Check if your site takes longer time in loading or you will lose considerable amount of traffic
  • Avoid “Black Hat” Search Engine Optimization marketing
  • Proper use of images and videos do wonder for your site increasing reliability
  • Discard low-quality links or spam
  • Share your web contents in social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter and Google+)
  • At the time of sharing useful contents via social networks a back link must be provided.

Study suggests that in New Year there is always a hope for more successful SEO company in India and across the world with proper utilization of the tips given. However, following these simple tips Search Engine Optimization will no longer appear too critical to manage. This will also give a boost to Internet Marketing Strategies. Plenty of ideas, little value addition to the advice, logical approach will be effective to bring success. Stress must be laid on content management. Keywords can do wonder. So maintaining adequate keyword density in an article will no longer make you feel achieving success is a tiresome ordeal.


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  3. SEO tips are really helpful. In 2011 I never tried to become mobile friendly. This year onwards will do that. Is there any optimization techniques are there for Mobiles rather than desktops

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