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On Page SEO Efforts Target Increased Site Visibility through Google Sitelinks

Since long Google had begun experimenting with SERP that brought changes in the degree of priority enjoyed by some sites and their visitor volume grew out of it. Consequently, on page SEO efforts of SEO company India took into consideration Google’s sitelinks, a unique feature that helps users navigate through a site and find required information at ease.

Quite often companies attach value to sitelinks and bring changes in their on page optimization effort without having a clear understanding of what actually influences sitelink. In this automated process, sitelinks analyze the link structure of a site aiming to find a short route to vital information on a site. However, Google doesn’t specify any rule for acquiring sitelinks. However, an evaluation of website that achieves sitelinks helps in getting an insight into how the prospect of sitelinks for the site can be increased.

Most SEO Company in India strives to create sitelinks in Google’s SERPs. Let us take a look at the ways in which a company can create sitelinks for their website:

Valuable Meta Description

An SEO Company in India helps in increasing a site’s chance of achieving sitelinks through helpful Meta description. To optimize the landing page of a site, the professional SEO experts use relevant Meta description. According to Google’s Webmaster guidelines, your site doesn’t acquire a sitelink if visitors don’t find anything relevant on your landing page.

So, a website with greater bounce rate is less eligible for sitelinks on Google’s SERPs. By optimizing the Meta description of your landing page, you draw in potential customer and help Google recognize your online presence and award you sitelink in the SERP.

Easily Navigable Site Structure

According to guidelines discussed by Google’s Webmaster, every website must keep text links clear in order to
allow the visitor and web crawler understand the navigational structure of the website at ease and find relevant information. Complexly structured website is usually left unnoticed by both visitors and search engines. So, a site designed in an irregular way doesn’t get credited for sitelinks from Google. Fix trouble of poor navigation on your site for better on page SEO result.


Quality Content Works

SEO Company India identifies the obvious reason behind creating quality content for a website. Website that contains relevant information has better chance of being considered worthy for Google sitelinks. A website must add valuable information to their site in order to draw greater attention. As part of the on page SEO service, a site webmaster must consider creating interactive blog post with proper categorization. This is one part of optimization process for a blog which in return help a website acquire Google sitelinks for enhanced recognition.

Importance of Outbound Links and Inbound Links

 By offering outbound links on your website to some influential sources including Wikipedia, you generate interest in the reader. The SEO Company in India understands the importance of outbound link in real term and create handful of relevant outbound links beside useful internal links. Talking about Google’s perspective, the outgoing links help the user find valuable information present on some other website. Although many websites are resistant about providing outbound links with a fear that they might lose potential customer, outbound links sometimes help at achieving Google sitelinks.

 It is a well-accepted fact that Google values those websites which hold quality incoming links from influential website. While aiming to achieve a sitelink from Google, most experienced webmasters know the real way of doing on page SEO. The quality of inbound links of a website plays a vital role in helping it acquire Google sitelinks. You can get quality back links by creating an informative blog replete with valuable information for the users. In that case the blog will acts as a sub-domain of the site. Not just this, regular blog updating helps websites get back links from quality website.


SEO Company India helps a website achieve sitelinks on Google’s result page by incorporating the above discussed ways in their optimization process.


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