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How Can You Build Quality Backlinks Without Guest Posting?

Matt Cutt’s announcement that guest blogging has become a “spammy practice”, thus, is not a healthy way for building links, has confirmed the fears of many. It came as an alarm to people asking them to find much smarter link building strategies. You do not need to be a very popular brand with oodles of money but be creative and smart.

There are three different ways in which you can build backlinks that are inexpensive, relevant and of course, high quality. However, before we get into link building methodologies, it is better if we go through quality content. Why? Because, link building strategies are based on unique, quality and relevant content.

What is Quality Content?

For discussing quality content, we will have to go back to the basics that are practiced at a SEO company. Quality content is as simple as providing information that people would like to share and have an easy-to-use procedure for completing a conversion. Good content adds value and provides actionable items without filler or fluff. In short, it is something that can appeal to your user base.

Now that we are done with discussing quality content, let’s find out how we can apply it to the three link building procedures.

1. Backlink Building with Video and Technology

Once you make a video, choose the most relevant apps for the content. For instance, if your video is on Blue Widgets, have a series of videos, an infographic, or sections about the different uses for Blue Widgets and place their references in the video for providing additional resources.

When you are done with placing the video inside the player, you can make use of the YouTube app for streaming other videos from the series. This way, you will be able to back up the knowledge that you are sharing with more detailed videos on the same topic. You also need to make sure that you reference different resources and episodes on your site within the videos, in order to help users find them.

2. Using Webinars for Building Backlinks

It is not really rare to see SEO companies saying that webinars is a great way for building links, but it is rare to find a professional SEO company that can actually make that work. It may be possible for an executive of a large company to get millions of people to listen to him, but when smaller companies try to speak high, it is mostly taken as fluff, making it less probable for the users to link back to them. So, what happens instead, is that they link back to former than the latter. So, use the big name in your content as well refer to the not so big, yet the trusted ones. This results in greater quality content that your target users would like to use as reference.

You need to remember certain things when generating backlinks from different webinars:

  • Include actionable items that users can take away with the resources existing in your site.
    Host the information and description about the webinar on your website, so that as people come to you the sharing goes on.
  • You should positively have internal links to pertinent resources on your website so that the panel members can review the beginning of the webinar and are able to reference during it.
  • Have the webinar listen, signup, and download pages on your website. If it exists in your site, when people share and create links to it, you get all the backlinks and social signals.
  • Consider including social sharing apps on the download page of the webinar, in case it is different from the page of sign-up.
  • Link to resources, guides and infographics that reinforce the webinar topics on your website from ‘download’, ‘listen to’ and ‘sign up’ pages. Remember, no spammy content!
  • Include links while mentioning resources on your website. This way the listeners can view them.
  • Make sure that you mention your URL, say a hearty thanks to all for attending, and tell them where and when the recording shall be available.

Webinars are indeed a great way for attracting links. Having an authoritative voice helps you draw the attention of journalists, bloggers and listeners. Besides, having other members in the panel who have a solid experience, thus, can share actionable items, so that people follow up and share the contents of the webinar. If they do so, you can be assured that they’ll also link to it.

3. Traditional PR for Building Links

In earlier times appearing in publications would draw attention, drive more calls and visitors to stores. Today, these visitors are called traffic and links. It is as simple as that. You either need to pitch an idea to a journalist to do a write up that includes you or buy an ad space in the publication. Just think about how the traditonal PR companies worked before the emergence of internet, and tie those practices to your link building methodologies.

You can also make use of an industry event or direct mail. You can send out relevant and affordable gifts; but make sure that they are unique and attractive. Having a capable PR and marketing team that can work, keeping within a budget or not, or even having a local business group together is enough to create a buzz, and get tons of quality links. This can be done online or offline, depending on the business.

To wrap it up, it can be said that even if guest blogging was dead, which it is not, there are other link building strategies to work with. Make the best use of the technology that is available for enhancing your present marketing and aid people in discovering the useful resources and content that are available on your website. If you opt for webinars, try to incorporate the resources that your website provides in the conversation. And, also do not forget that at times using traditional methods for attracting the attention of people can be a great idea. Direct mail, tradeshows, standard media pitches are some of the best ways for building buzz and driving authoritative and quality links.

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