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Tweet and Drive More and More Traffic to Your Blog Post – Know How

Do you want your blog posts to have increased traffic? Twitter is one of the most effective ways to ensure enhanced visits back to your blog.
These days you can find a plethora of companies on Twitter. But, not all of them get the desired traffic. Have you wondered why? The reason is that most tweets follow the same old techniques of mentioning the title of the blog. Gone are the days when simple tactics could please readers.
You can approach the best SEO company to help you out in this regard. Here, in this blog I am about to share some of the most creative ways that helped me increase tweets for my blog posts.

1. Insert a catchy line or a quote from the post

Gift your readers a morsel of the blog post. Let them taste a bite of what they are going to relish once they read the blog. It is better not to write the post title. Quotes or catchy lines from inside the blog are far more attractive to readers. Survey has proved that tweets with quotes have a greater tendency to get retweeted.
A reader who likes your tweet and reposts it also read your blog and visits the website you are writing for.

2. Make it short and smart

Tweeting is quite a challenge. You have to get it done in one hundred and forty characters. The shorter it is the better. Since, you have to lure readers in maximum fifteen words; try to deliver something snazzy. Go creative to invoke the readers’ minds.
One of the best ways to attract readers to click through to the website is to concoct a call-to-action.

3. Add a Sharing button

Now, this is simple and basic. But, many companies miss out this basic contrivance and scratch their heads thinking what went wrong. Add the Twitter sharing button at the end of your blog to invite readers to share your post.
You can add the Twitter sharing button at any of the 3 places, namely, below the post, on left sidebar or after the headline.

4. Statistics are appealing

See, if you have mentioned any statistics in your post. Try to keep your information in the form of numbers rather then letters. If you take the help of the best SEO company, they will give you the right suggestion to enhance the tweets for your blog post.

5. Leverage images and videos

Visually appealing twitter posts can increase traffic to your blogs. Have you ever noticed a child reading books without pictures? No. There is a child hidden in all of us. Imagine your readers to be children. They like to read posts that have images and videos.

6. Hashtags

Hashtags have been prevalent in Twitter posts for a couple of years now. If you want to spread your tweets to more than one topic, this is the best way to do so.
There are however, separate processes to use hashtags.
Hashtags related to general posts
Your blog topics are important sections with which you can attach hashtags. Other Twitter users who are searching for blog posts on the same topic can easily find out your post.
Hashtags related to specific themes
Create your own hashtags in case you want a specific blog, contest, blog or eBook to get limelight.

7. Use thank You Retweet

The best SEO company experts can suggest you to device a Thank You page. You can ask your readers to express their gratitude by tweeting.
Another way of enhancing tweets for your post can be to ask for retweeting. Retweeting has increased Tweets for content ever since this concept was introduced.

8. Ask topic related questions

Questions in any form are meant to engage readers. You must have observed that blog posts within question title, at the beginning or in the end tend to have more traffic than those without questions. Questions appear to solve problems. If your readers are looking for a solution to a problem, your question can make them click through to your blog.

9. Take the help of experts

Why don’t you take the help of experts ands ask them to quote some words related to the topic? When readers notice that your blogs have expert attention they will read it.
This is how you can use experts in your filed to enhance tweets for your blog posts.
Link your blog with the name of another expert.
Approach an expert to write a guest blog.
Interview experts on their opinion on a particular topic
Use opinions by experts in your blog just to drive your point home.

10. Implement @Mentions

The technique that you can apply for including the usernames of Twitter users is called @mentions. You can send tweets to anyone on this social media network through @mention.
For instance, your blog post mentions a prominent persona in your field or a company. You can mention them in your tweet and the names will link to your blog post. This will result in these people or companies being highlighted through your writing. Moreover, their followers will also come across your tweets and click though to your blog post.
If you have written about readers on your blog post, you can mention their names in the tweet. They will feel good.
Moreover, the best SEO company will suggest you to mention names of the author of the blog in the tweet. No matter what experience the writer has, mentioning their names not only pleases them, but also links back to your post.

11.Promote the tweets

By promoting tweets you can ensure enhanced traffic from your target market. You can promote tweets with the help of keywords, geography and interests.
It is a useful way to drive traffic to your blogs. You can post paid tweets and make it stand out in the crowd by using numbers.
Have you tried these techniques before? Apply the above mentioned techniques used by experts at the best SEO company you approach. I can promise that you will notice a considerable rise in readership of your blog posts.

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