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Topical Optimization: The New Age Ranking Technique

Do you think keyword optimization can fetch your business the desired level of profit and visibility? Well, things have changed with the latest Hummingbird update. Google now favors sites that offer effective content on relevant topics. Unlike the traditional method of keyword optimization, topical optimization focuses on promoting in-depth content about a given topic. Today’s discussion is about this change in Google’s emphasis on topically authoritative sites. In order to get your website ranked among the Top 10 on Google’s results page, you should take the help of one of the SEO companies India.

Before, we move on to the advantages of topical optimization, let us take a look at the following.

Keyword Optimization

It is the process of researching, examining and choosing the most suitable keywords for driving search engine traffic to your website.


The excessive keyword can hamper the smooth flow of text leading to poor user experience. Readers may not be able to assess the meaning of a sentence or even an entire paragraph because of the unnecessary presence of keywords.

Topical Optimization

It is the act of optimizing content with related keyword phrases websites. The content is relevant to the topic and aims at target visitors. This approach drives more traffic to your website than keyword optimization.

The Relationship between Topical Optimization and Current Status of Keyword Researching

It has been observed that a website with enough information about its relevant topic ranks higher than a website rich in keywords. But, that does not indicate complete stalling of keyword research. What I mean is that the approach has changed. Web sites with more useful content are getting higher ranks now.

As of now, keyword research is divided into two major stages, namely, the main word research and phrase research.

Let us imagine that you own a children’s products business. Now, keyword research can get you several main word results. You offer baby products like skin cream, body oil, hair oil, body lotion, soap, shampoo, wet wipes, etc. Each main word can get you, at least, a thousand phrases. If you utilize all the relevant phrases in a single content, it will be crammed with keywords. With keyword stuffed website content, you can forget your dreams of seeing your website in the Top 10 list.


When a business has many products, SEO experts often focus on separate products. So, this leads to many keywords and keyword rich content. Now, let us suppose that people are searching for baby oil. Baby oil can be further differentiated into baby body massage oil and baby hair oil. So, SEO companies India professionals can highlight on separate topics. Topical optimization allows a business to have command over a topic and readers can use information from your site to enlighten themselves. The more products you offer, the better it is to manifest your expertise through topical optimization.

Moreover, different users search on the Internet for differing reasons. Therefore, the content can be rich in different types of information. Some people search because they are looking for a specific product while others want to compare the prices offered by different websites. Content writers can prepare several contents on that topic. If you take the time to focus on a particular product, you can optimize multiple pages and blog posts. This way, the website convinces readers and Google that they have an authority on the products they offer. By optimizing a topic completely, you can rank several keyword phrases.

Topical optimization does not necessarily entail one specific landing page or a blog which speaks everything about a relevant topic. It means, looking at a topic from numerous perspectives and proving the skill of the company in informing everything to end-users.

Advantages of Topical Optimization

If you approach SEO companies India that promise to deliver search engine ranks within a month, your business can soon lose visibility. Topical optimization is not like a placebo that simply dupes the recipient into believing that he or she has been treated. It is a solid marketing strategy which has a long-term impact on the online visibility of your company.

  • A page with unique value and unique content can get your business good search engine results. The unique value indicates the usefulness of a web page. Many websites and blog posts offer information to their users. But, your website and blog post should offer something that no other website does. Unique content is the content that readers can find only on your website or blog post. Unique value and unique content are results of topical optimization. If your web page or blog post can offer unique value to readers, they easily get shared on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. All the sharing gets your business the rank and the brand recognition you want.
  • Since, topical optimization is more focused on the intent of the search it can help in bagging ranks for a greater keyword volume. Experts from one of the finest SEO companies India use topical optimization to target greater traffic because it provides a wide range of information on a given topic.


  • An optimized website and blog post can successfully herald happy days for your business. This is because, it can cater to target audience and, thus, your business can have desired sales volume.
  • Topical optimization means that similar keyword phrases are used in content, instead of using the same keyword in every paragraph. By using, multiple similar keyword phrases you can not only rank the keywords but can also answer different queries of the target audience.
  • With the advent of topical optimization, start-ups, and local businesses are making a good profit. This is because topical optimization revolves around the use of long-tail keywords. Industry leaders do not make much use of long-tail keywords and so, you do not have to face much competition from them. Since, you already have a repertoire of information about the products and services your business offers; it won’t be very difficult for you to shift the approach towards your business.

Have you tried topical optimization of your website? If no, you can take the assistance of one of the best SEO companies India. The SEO professionals can ensure greater traffic and high ranking of your website on search engine results.

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