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Ten Outdated SEO Methods That Need to be Stopped Pronto

Old is not always gold, there are certain things that have fallen out of favor and every SEO company India must keep that in mind. Here are a few traditional things that require a bit of a re-think:

Submitting articles:

Plagiarizing from ‘EzineArticles’ does not work. It never did and time spent in copying them was time wasted. It might have got some quick links back to your site but that was taking the easy way out. Try to get in touch with bloggers instead and write guest posts that would not only enrich their site but also enhance your portfolio.

Press release minus news:

It is a very parochial view to churn out press releases in order to build public relations. PR is much more than that. Even more asinine would be to post a press release that has nothing newsworthy in it. So remember that every time you publish something, it must be informative, high on the interest factor and, most importantly, immensely readable.

Exchanging links and reciprocal linking:

Getting links that are cheap and useless do not work; moreover, they have an adverse effect. A link should be thought of as an endorsement that makes sense to visitors and helps them by providing additional resources.

Sparse material:

Wafer-thin content does not work. Firstly, try not to outsource content, especially from people who have little knowledge about the subject in hand. Figure out with what end the articles are being written. What is the aim? An SEO company India must give this a serious thought. Try to derive some fun from writing because if you do not enjoy the process, neither will the readers.


Do not opt for an easy way out by relying overtly on tools. Each tool has a special function and its use will not be justified otherwise. The tools are not to be used simply for the sake of doing so. One must form a clear idea of the different function of various tools and use them likewise.

Not paying attention to social signals:

Social sharing buttons are not there to be ignored. They come in handy and must be utilized to their fullest potential.

Lack of strategy:

One must not put tactics in place without having a proper strategy. Chalk out a plan and act accordingly.

Sole focus on ranking:

Rankings are only a part of the bigger picture. There are other factors which must be taken into consideration. Traffic behavior and analytics cannot be ignored for the sake of key phrases.

Google-only attitude:

Dig up the statistics and calculate how much of the web traffic comes from Google. Instead of keeping your options concentrated, create a diverse portfolio.

Not paying heed to design:

SEO company India must concentrate on the visual part. Having top quality content is not enough; if you need people to read your web page, you have to ensure that they find it attractive enough. Appearance counts and it would do you a world of good to hire some top notch designers.

It is high time you get over these dated concepts and theories.

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