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A Blogger’s Wish List for “Christmas”

Yes, Christmas is just round the corner and people are just getting ready to celebrate the festive season of the year. With Christmas bells and sleigh bells ringing all the way, its time for the ever happy and gay ‘Santa Claus’ to pack up all the gifts for the citizens as wished by them. So, right from kids to adults when all are busy preparing their Christmas wish lists, being an avid blogger I have also squeezed out an hour out of my busy schedule to jot down some of my wishes as my Christmas wish list so that Santa can fulfill it hopefully.

Yes, although blogging has never been the cup of tea for everyone, yet I do find out that there are handful numbers of newbie bloggers popping out almost everyday. So, even before urging out my first Christmas wish, I would like to let it know to Santa that I have been good for the entire year. I have taken enough care and protection of my blog by updating it with sole and exclusive contents as required and also protecting it by bidding a good-bye to all the spammy comments which usually flooded down my comment box. So, infact in one word – a ‘complete care’ is all I want to mean.

Secondly, I didn’t loose my patience in replying to all the comments and almost make my blog the best place to interact with my visitors. I have almost interacted with all my readers by replying in whatever queries they have regarding my posts. I have also made myself available throughout the day and rewrite the post that needs to be edited.

Thirdly, I have read through long and tedious contents, different posts by other Indian SEO companies in order to chunk out some of the unique ideas from my brain too and update it as accordingly in my blog so that it draws the attention of readers.

Hence, all in once I have been nicer than being naughty. So, even before any one asks me here’s what on my Christmas wish list:

An iPad or iPhone

 Although it’s bit expensive I know, yet it is definitely the best that a blogger can ever get. With the introduction of these
latest gadgets and specially I should not forget mentioning the apps, it has been a great help for all the writers as content writing is much more easy nowadays without facing any kind of interruptions or distractions.

An E-book reader:

The next best thing just after an iPad and honestly, I am going to make the fullest use of it. This e-reader can be the best electronic device meant for the purpose of reading digital e-books.

An iPod Stand:

Yes, this is necessary because while writing elite content for my blog, sometimes it happens to be dull and boring. So, I need this iPod stand so that I could listen to music when I am working at my desk. A bit of relaxation from the profuse work this music can easily bring.

Yes I know this wish of mine is the simplest one but yes, I do need a pair of soft earphones that would simply go cozy with my ears.

A stack of my favorite colored pens:

It doesn’t matter what pens I am using as most of the time I am using keyboard but if I need a pen then I want the best of it.

An ergonomically perfect desk chair:

This is one of my vital wish which needs to be highlighted on the wish list. Being a blogger, I need to spend a lot of time on the computer. So, a good desk chair would hold my posture straight without having any such back problems.


A free subscription to online journals:

For better blogging ideas and unique contents, it is always better to get a free subscription to online journals so that you won’t go out of your content.

If this wish of mine gets fulfilled, then I would be the happiest person in the world. Getting a MacBook as my Christmas gift is the highest priority of a blogger’s wish list. As most of the time we inscribes all our content using keyboard, so getting a Macbook would be a great help. A large retina display with high-tech features, soft keys that would simply let your fingers goes cozy and comfortable with it.

That’s all about my Christmas wish list. If Santa could at least fulfill half of my wish list, then I would be the most over whelming blogger in the world.

So, what’s your Christmas Wish List?

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