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How Some SEO Tricks Have Been Tricked To Be Doomed?

You must be looking for latest tactics have of SEO that might get you an edge over your competitors. We all want to stay ahead of the algorithms. But, when you are looking for new techniques on the SEO front, you have to be careful. What gives an edge today might be quite a problem tomorrow. Take the help of SEO services India to enjoy smooth conversion on your site.

To stay alive tomorrow you have to make sure that you do not use SEO techniques that get ruined by algorithms tomorrow.

Why not take a Look at the Techniques that were once very useful, but are now headed for a Doomed Future?

Buying links

Before the advent of Google, search engines mostly depended on on-page optimization to decide the rank of a page. Google introduced algorithms that involved adding links. Th
is was quite useful as getting top ranking SEO experts could add little better keywords than their competitors. However, this led to SEOs optimizing pages with keywords that were not relevant, but were helpful in bringing traffic. Google decided to introduce links that would indicate votes for a page. The more votes a page gets, the better it ranks.
Search Engine optimizers realized that these links can change search engine rankings overnight. They bought the links to increase their rankings. Since, the buying of the links increased search engine rankings, the clients of SEO companies earned more and more revenue.

How was it checked?

Then came the D-Day. Google introduced a new algorithm in 2012 called Penguin. Thanks to the namesake of the Antarctic bird, paying for links to get high ranking on search engines is now a penalizing act.

How to check it permanently?

SEO experts can still use links, but they have to make sure that they do it only for advertising. Also, purchased link has to be tagged as ‘nofollow.’ This will help to gain traffic and also not get marked as a manipulator of algorithm.
Links can be built naturally. They can request other website owners to link to an important part in your site. Social media sites also help in natural link-building. Those who are offering you SEO services India can interact with your followers online, comment on others’ content and yourself publish good content. These activities boost natural link-building.

Keyword concentration

One of the major roles of search engine optimization has been to create content that showcase keywords. Keywords were used for a long time to focus narrowly on the page. This means that the page would have only one keyword or phrase and the ranking would be done based on that.

How was it checked?

In came Hummingbird. Google now has a new tool to combat black hat SEO. Search engines no longer concentrate on keywords. They have shifted their attention to what the keywords are saying. That means page ranking is now based on the topic of the page.

So, your SEO won’t even try and optimize content on the basis of keywords. Let us consider an example, you want to rank baby wipes. Google has the capability to realize what makes a page superior than the other. This is because there are billions of pages of content on a particular topic and Google has analyzed them numerous times. They know the style and the language used by parents, the query of parents, the needs of parents, etc. But, what if the content speaks only about the different shapes and sizes of wipes, instead of mentioning the utility of baby wipes? Your page ranking automatically drops down. So, mere mentioning of ‘baby wipes’ repeatedly; cannot bring you higher search engine ranking.

How to check it permanently?

In order to rank your business in search engines, the experts offering you best SEO services India can use keywords, but they will also have to write about the topic. The use of baby wipes, availability, health of children, taking care of children should also be mentioned in the content. Therefore, they are focusing on the topic instead of the keywords.

The focus is not being authoritative to the reader, but to understand the next step that can pursue your readers to buy your products. The experts will have to understand what the readers are looking for. Accordingly, they can write content with different, but related keywords.

Sculpting links

After the ‘nofollow’ tag was introduced by search engines, it became a way to indicate paid links. Search engine optimizers saw it as a way to inform the search engines about the links that cannot transfer any value to the linking page because they are not free.

SEO experts used that as a way to frame how link flow should be transferred to the site. They believe that if there were ten outgoing links from a site and you used a ‘nofollow’ tag for all but one, the page without the ‘nofollow’ tag would receive all the value of outgoing link.

If a page steals the value of links of other pages, they only have to add a ‘nofollow’ tag to all the links. For instance, there are three links from Page A to Page B. The experts should ‘nofollow’ couple of the links, so the value of only one of the links is lost.

How was it checked?

Link sculpting was never a useful technique. A link with a ‘nofollow’ tag does not stop the value of the link from passing out of the page, but only checks it from passing into the linked page.
Therefore, if there are ten links, all ‘nofollowed,’ but one; the link without ‘nofollow’ allows the flow of only 1/10th of the entire value. The remaining 9/10th value are gone.

How to check it permanently?

So, you know that link sculpting is of no value and its no use to add pages that don’t allow flow of value. However, sometimes hyperlinks that do not link to other pages need to be added. They have some other function. These links also lead to loss of page value.

Trying to logout, view cart, sort, filter, etc should not be considered as linking to a page. But, if you are using HTML hyperlinks for such actions, these actions would be counted as links. No worries, the experts can use JavaScript to get the function of on-click.

Nothing lasts forever. What was a convenience once is now a problem. So, instead of looking for a shortcut to success, why not create value and relevance with your visitors. Integrity and hard work always pays. A reliable source of SEO services India dos exactly that.

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