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How can Analytical Tools Give your Website an Advantage over your Competitors?

Ok, so you have a website and you want to gain online prominence? But, if you think that just some web pages can get you conversion and leads, you are getting it wrong. Of course customers know what you sell, but can they trust you? It is, thus, important that you speak to customers. Here steps in SEO companies India. Efficient search engine optimizers can bring you the conversion rate you are looking for.

Create an objective. Your website should speak to the customers through the objectives you have set. For interacting with your customers, you have to think like them. Tell them you understand what they need, hire content writers who can compose in a language your end users understand. You have to realize that Shakespearean English is not suitable if your site sells children’s books.

What SEO does?

Even though your initial objective is to generate traffic, it soon converts into enhanced sales. Now, is the time SEO experts start using keywords and opt for affiliate marketing. The content should compel people to enter your site and not just see what you have to sell, but also buy them. If you are in any kind of confusion regarding keywords, you can resort to research tools that can help you start. These tools also help out with other features, such as Meta descriptions, text title tags, keywords tags and image alt tags.

Your website must have all the necessary factors before you start leveraging it for greater conversions, leads and click-through rate.

How can Analytical Tools Boost Conversion?

Whatever business you might have, it is necessary to track the progress of a marketing campaign. Similarly, the online strategies implemented by SEO experts should be adjusted before you start suffering losses. Track analytical data to realize how successful your online strategies are.
Today’s business scenario is incomplete without internet marketing. It also comes with numerous analytical tools. The analytical data will help you realize search trends and find out steps to enhance the rate of online conversion. Reports from Google Search Console and Google Analytics render you important insights to your business development.

What can these Analytical Tools do to get you Increased Conversion?

Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion rate in most cases is decided by a particular action taken by customers. For different websites, conversion has different meanings. Some might fill up a form, others might make a call to your company or some one else might buy something from your portal.

The more the rate of conversion, better is the earning. You can invest this earning on advertisements and get enhanced return on investment. Even though you might enjoy the maximum conversion rate among your competitors, you have to strive to get better conversion rates.

If the conversion rates are low, experts in the SEO companies India analyze and understand the reason. They set up funnels and goals in Google Analytics. This can assist you in assessing where exactly you are missing out visitors As a result, optimizers can take necessary steps to increase rate of conversion on your website.

Click Path Analysis

SEO experts can increase the rate of conversion by tracking the movement of your customers. Yes, you can follow visitors when they are on your site. Click Path Analysis helps you see which pages your visitors go to. The experts can ask you to modify your marketing efforts accordingly.

Google Analytics, HubSpot and KISSmetrics are tools through which efficient employees in SEO companies India can commence click path analysis. By knowing about your customers’ movement, you can easily determine and reach a marketing goal. You must have some questions related to the path followed by your end users.

Gather information on the following questions:
• Which pages get the maximum views?
• After going through how many pages do your visitors convert?
• Which pages where shared on social network sites?
• How many clicks and views were there?

After the experts have all the information they needed, they analyze click path data and offer your end users the experience the latter wanted. Click path analysis is a unique way of assessing how exactly your website is performing.

If you own an e-commerce site, you can easily delve into the activities of your customers. You can have a look at the items that customers added, removed and finally bought. You can also view the pages on which they spent maximum time. An insight into the navigation pattern of customers can help take your marketing campaign forward.


Segmentation assists in tracking your visitors. Segmented data in Google Analytics helps SEO experts see from where you are getting traffic, how frequently they are visiting your site and what pages they visit the most.

Thanks to segmentation, they can filter your information based on time spent on each page, traffic sources and gender. The experts can also discover the click path and funnels of each and every end user. They can also compare the traffic you are getting from different social platforms. This way, they can realize which platform brings maximum traffic.

To learn about customers, experts in SEO companies India can track many segments. They should create segments for different campaigns, traffic sources, keywords or age groups. They can also see the browsers and different devices from which traffic is entering your website. Google Analytics and other related tools bring target audience right at your virtual doorstep.

Split Testing

The most direct way to enjoy higher conversion rates is A/B Testing. The more SEO experts run the test the more increase they will see in conversion rate. Split test involves implementing many strategies and comparing their results. It also helps you to assess the behavior of end users and you can get an edge over your competitors.

When doing the test, you have to think about the efforts that you are putting at marketing and that are having maximum influence on your revenue. You consider each visitor a part of your experiment and, thus, realize which parts need modifications and which parts do not. When doing the experiments the experts emphasize on one test at a time.

You need to understand what your customers like and compel them to move from one aspect of the website to another. After you have tested the performance of the campaigns, shift to the landing pages. The clicks you get after this, gets you conversion.

Analytical tools save both money and time. Metrics can help you get higher conversion rates. Get analytical insight and turn visitors to potential customers. Approach one of the SEO companies India and watch your website rise the ladder of success.

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