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How Can You Create a Positive Online Reputation?

Online Reputation Management is something that most business enterprises think of using especially when any crisis or disaster strikes. But, in most cases, by the time they realize its necessity, the damage is already done. These disasters can include a negative comment about a product or a negative review about their business that is posted online.

It is a service that should actually be utilized before its need arises. You cannot really control what people say about you on the World Wide Web but you can definitely control what you want to show up first, which is obviously a positive reputation. Managing your reputation online is necessary irrespective of the field you work in. If there is no digital trail of yours on the internet, you are surely missing out on a good chance of manipulating how people think about you without knowing you in person.

You can also call it personal branding. In present times, it has become a habit to look up the internet for gathering more information about a person or business concern. The World Wide Web not only offers professional information but personal ones as well. This, in a nutshell, means that if you have a web presence, you ought to take care of your online reputation.

The following are the ways in which you can protect your reputation online or build a positive image in order to outrank negative reviews about you or your company:

Have a website of your own:

A website that has your name in its domain generally ranks first in the search results. So, when someone searches you by your name, the search engine will show up your personal site first. This helps because it prevents people from looking through the other search results which may contain negative comments about you and your business.

You can own related domains:

The next step in online reputation management is to create other domains for yourself and your business concern. Hosting companies have the ill reputation of having pop ups about negative information from anti-company groups or bad reviews in the search results. If you have a website that focuses on your social network, online radio, charity work or tutorials, it will rank right below your main site.

For example, you can make a separate site for your customer support. This site will rank just below your business website. This way, you can create several business-related sites sharing a common name. Some examples are:

Have multiple blogs:

You do not need to have just one business blog for your company especially now when you can tell Google that a blog on a certain topic is connected to you through Google+authorship and Google Direct Connect. However, you must have your name or your company’s name in all the blogs.

Get active on social media:

Note that here you are not asked to create random profiles but be active on a particular profile. Try to build strong audience and have several connections on the social networking sites. The more active you are on it, the better you will rank on a search engine.

Getting the help of professional online reputation management service providing companies will take care of all the above mentioned points along with other ways involved in the process for ensuring an improved reputation for your company on the internet.

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  1. Thanks a lot for sharing this. I am new to SEO and currently working on online reputation management of our company. This post will surely help us.

  2. Online reputation building is important for enhancing your brand value. The steps you have mentioned are really effective for increasing your brand value.

  3. I do agree with you. It is beneficial to have your name in the domain name of your website for enhancing your brand value.

  4. Excellent post. Social media and forums serves to be an inexpensive platform to build interaction with your clients.

  5. Thanks for sharing this useful post. Your article helps to clear my views regarding online reputation building.

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