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Search Engine Optimization Techniques That Can Negatively Affect Your Website

The world’s most powerful search engine never reveals the secrets of its algorithms to anyone. They publish regular SEO updates to check the overall content quality of World Wide Web and several sites lose their rankings on search engine result pages as the search engine giant often spots spam content and black hat SEO techniques in those websites. Unfortunately, every web based business owner wants quick results as their profitability depends on the SERP ranking and they often look for an expert SEO company to rank higher on SERPs as fast as possible.

Most people don’t understand that no matter how expert an SEO professional is, he can’t bring a site in the top 10 search results within a few weeks. Certain SEO companies advertise that they can do it and, in fact, boost the ranking of a website in 15-20 days but in the long run, the site loses its ranking or even gets penalized by Google, because those SEO companies often apply unethical optimization techniques.

First of all, you have to understand that SEO is a continuous process and there is no immediate detour to top 10 SERP ranking. Let’s check out some SEO strategies that may provide immediate positive results but will eventually damage your website’s ranking.

Keyword stuffing and Title Stacking – Keyword stuffing is a very old technique and Google released the first Penguin update to combat this unethical practice followed by some people. These days, Google pays high attention to the quality of content and actual readers’ feedback. No matter how many keywords you have inserted, if your content is not informative and useful, forget about ranks. Title stacking is almost the same thing. It means creating different titles with various keywords to attract search engines and readers. These are very outdated and harmful techniques and every expert SEO company avoids them.

Doorway pages – It’s a type of web page that contains the popular keywords related to a business to attract web users and then redirect them to another page that contains unrelated content. Doorway pages are completely different from landing pages as they mainly deceive search engines.

Article spinning and duplicate content – Hiring a content writer can be expensive. Therefore, some site owners use the same text on multiple pages and some even copy paste other sites’ content. Google immediately recognizes duplicate content and treats only one of the duplicates as genuine. Google may also penalize your site if it considers you as the plagiarist.

Article spinning is modifying the same articles several times by changing a few words, titles, shifting paragraphs etc. There are a few online free content spinning softwares available for this job but think twice before using them because Google immediately spots spun articles.

Forum and comment spamming – Link building is an important aspect of search engine optimization but that does not mean you can start link spamming. Google checks the quality of inbound links and if it suspects that your site’s inbound links are coming from low quality blogs and forums, your site may get penalized. To decrease link spamming, most reputed blogs and forums are now using ‘nofollow’ feature in their links. This feature tells search engines that they should not pay attention to those links.

Cloaking – This is another popular yet highly unethical SEO practice. Black hat optimization experts use server side scripting to send different pages to users and search engines and gain quick rank on SERPs. Clocking is against Google’s terms and conditions and if it finds out that you are using this technique, your site will be penalized.

SEO is a legitimate process and you should not sacrifice ethical methods to improve your website’s ranking. Compose fresh, informative content for your website, start a blog, write guest posts and hire an expert and affordable SEO company for white hat on-page and off-page optimization.

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