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How to Use Twitter For Better Business Growth

Twitter, one of the most widely used social networking services, has become one of the handiest tools of businessmen. Twitter enables a better understanding of the market, wide promotion of products/services and helps in reaching out to a vast group of customers. If you too belong to the business community and are wondering how to use twitter for better business then read on the below given tips.

Let people know more about you: Your business can have a substantial growth only if it is widely known to a larger section of people. So, use your Twitter to make people know what products/services you sell. Place your company logo or the image of your product in the photo section of the Twitter. Photos immediately arrest people’s attention and hence more and more people are sure to be driven to your Twitter. Use the 160 character bio to tell about your business in the precise but in the most convincing manner.

Make your Twitter presence visible: You can think of getting more people to read your Twitter only if people are aware of its existence. So, use all possible means to spread the message of your presence in the tweeting world. If you have a website of your own, add link to your Twitter page that can conveniently guide your visitor’s route to your page. You can also add the link to your page on your email signature if you use a lot of email communication. Word of mouth can also help in gaining followers. Tell your friends, colleagues, customers and all your acquaintances about your Twitter page.

Look out for new customers: Be always active on your Twitter page and keep tracing the conversations of the customers that they exchange online. Find out if someone is looking out for the products/service that your company offers. For example, if you run a garment shop, type party dress into the Twitter and you will surely find some or other person who has updated his/her status with these keywords. Say for example, someone in the name of Ferry Brawne may have updated her status with “Looking for a bright party dress. Can anyone help me out?” This is the perfect search for you. Reply immediately via @Message saying something like “We have the best thing for you if you want to look gorgeous in your party. Visit our website www…. for more details.” In this way, you have made your customer know about your product and have given her a glimpse of it. If luck favors, you may even get an order right away.

Give a personal touch to your profile: Make your visitors inevitably drawn to your Twitter page by given a customized personal look to your Twitter profile. Incorporate your email address, telephone number and website URL into the background design of your Twitter page that shall make your business more viable to your visitors.

Be an ardent follower: Follow your visitors regularly. This will help you in finding the potential customers and clients for your business. In this regard, following your competitors can also prove highly beneficial to you.

Retweet: Retweeting is another powerful means of growing your business. If you find your follower posting something of interest to your business, copy the update and paste it in your followers’ page. This will help in spreading the message about the product and you can even get new followers on your page.

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