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Effective Ways Of How To Do Keyword Research In A Smart Way

With the increase in online marketing being able to undertake keyword research effectively has become a highly important and essential skill for digital marketers in any SEO company in India. It is not enough for smart marketers of digital content to be aware of ways of developing good list of keywords for SEO and PPC these days. Online marketers of the present day need to know the ways of using keyword research effectively to look for topics on which to write as well as appropriate phrases to be used while writing.

In this concern, creating a basic list of the starting items, expanding the list making use of various tools of keyword research, refining the list through competitive research proves helpful.
In online content marketing, different keywords are used to symbolize varying levels of intent and interest.

Certain search terms are often used by the people who are close to any conversion, whereas certain other terms are used by the people who are yet in the early levels of research. Certain aspects should be considered in this regard to lead to a fruitful outcome. Focussing the keyword terms with those that speak of the brand, competitor, product, substitutes, audience and complimentary products will enhance the research. The process comprises of three main steps each with its own specifications and sub-steps. The process starts with the creation of a seed list proceeding to building the keyword list and then finally refining the list.

Creating seed list

This is the most important step in the undertaking a keyword research in the most efficient manner. Seed list is basically a list of keyword ideas. Marketers need to really think hard to fill out the list with appropriate keywords focussing mainly on products and brand terms.

This list needs to cover all aspects of the product and the solution it offers to customers. It involves certain steps.

Research the audience to get an idea of how to do keyword research

Researching the target audience helps the online marketer to get an idea of the test and preferences of the same and accordingly use terms to better describe the goods and services of the company.
Having a look at the forums, LinkedIn groups, blog posts, comments, etc also help the online marketers in getting an idea on.

Finding search terms in that are in current use

Making use of the Google Webmaster tools, analytics tool along with the weblogs prove helpful to have a look at the search terms that people are currently using to contact companies.
Access to an internal site search is equally beneficial.

Get suggestions on how to do keyword research

Getting suggestions making use of tools like Soovie that lets the user to enter a certain keyword and then take a look at the top auto completes for different search engines and sites basically help in finding out appropriate keywords.

Having a look at the competition

Analysing the competition is essential to take appropriate steps for effective marketing through effective keywords.
In this case, tools like SEM or SpyFu helps in getting an idea on what the competitors are bidding.

Building your keyword list

After the creation of the seed list is over, it is time to go for expansion of the keyword list. A number of articles on how to do keyword research recommend an entire range of tools for building the list.

  • Considering Google Adwords Keyword Research Tool will also prove to be a wise decision as in many cases huge traffic comes from Google.
  • Building the keyword involves certain steps like grouping multiple keywords in accordance to the topic, using tools like Google Match Types, etc along with other advanced filters and options, language, location and many more.
  • Setting up columns and checking on the keywords that appear interesting enough are other helpful steps in building an appropriate list of keywords.

Refining your keyword list

This is the final step in the process of efficiently doing a keyword research. After the keyword list has been built well, it is essential to go ahead for refining it and going ahead to freeze on the best keywords. This is more important for any SEO Company in India.

There are certain important factors that must be considered while going for refining the list.

Keyword Category

The keyword category should be tailored and made seamless to attract the target audience as well as promote the products effectively
The online marketer in this case should focus on the keywords that are nearest to the centre of the target.
It is widely recommended to use the categories that are in close association to the intent of the search.


  • Analysing the competition is important to get an idea of the keyword score in case of SEO as well as to direct the keyword research in an efficient manner.
  • There are certain tools that help the online marketers in any SEO company in India in finding out the words that are easier to be used in the writing.

Search Landscape for How to do Keyword Research

The search landscape is indeed an important factor in terms of keyword research and must be considered with due attention to come up with appropriate keywords.

Semantic Grouping

It is better to create a column to group the keywords semantically. For instance, words like ‘free website creation’, ‘free website’ as well as ‘free website tool’ should be grouped under ‘free website’. These groups of tightly connected words also have the option to be used later as PPC ad groups.

Categorizing keywords for capturing the intent and the interest of the searcher helps in the development, refinement and analysis of the keyword list.

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