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Envisaged Trends of SEO in 2014 as Set by Google

SEO is quite a dynamic discipline. One year one thing is very important and indispensable but during the very next it may become irrelevant. Industry leader Google has propagated many revolutionary changes in the last year. The basic SEO concepts of best SEO company are same but there have been many new developments in the field. Some of the big developments made by Google has been listed here.


This is actually an algorithm change which has changed the way interpretation of search queries and display of search results are being done. It is quite different from Penguin and Panda updates and marks a huge change. These updates help in better understanding of conversational queries. It may not be perfect and lot is left to be desired but over the coming years this algorithm will have a huge impact.

PageRank Updates

It is quite possible that in near future there will be no PageRank algorithm. Generally this toolbar was updated once every 3 months. However, this schedule was not in effect after February 2013’s update. In fact, it has also been said by their engineer that even in this year the toolbar will not be updated which leads to the speculations of PageRank going away. Doing away with this will make Google rely on other measurements which might be better and more welcome change.

In-depth Articles

Another feature announced last year was In-depth articles which involved pages that contained in-depth information regarding some specific topic. According to Google there are many users who need to get information regarding a broad topic and the number is almost 10% of total users. This huge number makes it essential for probable further development of the feature. The best SEO company can benefit by this addition, as method of SERP’s ranking may get a new face.

Google Authorship

This concept is not new; instead it has become part of a bigger picture. This is used by Google to associate a writer with the content pieces written by him or her. This can then be used to find out which author is a good writer with content that engages. This can become a factor for page ranking by Google.


This is not a new concept. However regarding SEO this social platform has developed some changes during last year. There is much momentum now along with rapid growth. Data regarding market share of Google+ is hard to break down, but search shows quite a few clear effects like personalized results being displayed. The search results also show posts from those people who are on the platform. There will be some SEO impact if Google+ link is combined with a few factors. This is essentially because this platform is a network for content sharing, helping in the establishment of semantic relevance and identities.

Google is a giant in the world of search engines and as such any small change incorporated will have huge impact on even the best SEO company. It just remains to see what the year 2014 actually holds and what its effects are going to be.

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