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Tips to leverage Google Intelligence

Gauging the overall performance of a site might not be difficult as all if you are armed with the important tools like the Google Analytics. But if you are running an SEO company with several hundred websites to attend to, your endeavor at staying informed to the performance of all of them might well confound you. Despite the fact that all the sites do not require meaningful attention and active analysis, it is likely that you will be looking for a suitable tool to give you company.

Google Tracking is definitely a chosen tool but a try Google Intelligence can redefine your requirement. In terms of flexibility, Google Intelligence is far more potent than the other as it lacks Tracking’s rigidity. It can send you emails on any aspect of the websites you need, provided you have specified the information and interval for alert. With some must-try features, Google Intelligence works as an extra brain and help you manage the innumerable sites you have been commissioned with. Let’s have a closer look at how Google Intelligence can help you.

Alert on traffic drop: If there is a significant drop in the traffic, it is certainly a behavior of the site you can scarcely ignore. But the fluctuation in traffic is often dependent on the maturity of the site. While small and young sites tend to experience mercurial traffic in general, a third or even greater drop in traffic for a larger site is sure to be disconcerting for both the owner and the SEO guru. Google Intelligence sends you alert accordingly and you are just to specify whether you want the alert on a weekly basis or monthly.

Unexpected traffic increase: When you are rendering SEO service to your clients, you must recognize that the clients are leveraging other marketing strategies outside your SEO work. For instance, the site you are tending to might be overwhelmed by visitors suddenly owing to the referrals the site is getting from a local news paper. Similarly, running Groupons can take the traffic rate to a new level. Since you are submerged in your SEO work, such traffic propelling factors may go unnoticed. But if you are using Google Intelligence, it will send you alerts to convey these things. It helps you also in detecting traffic overflow from cross-contamination when you are using multiple subdomain code.

Plunge in goal completion: Goal completion is certainly different from traffic and drop in the one does not does not necessarily reflect droop in another. As compared to the traffic drop alert discussed above, alert for drop in goal completion will help you investigation in some specific directions. For example, this alert will make you diagnose broken shopping carts, broken submission forms etc. By just tuning the frequency and percentage to suit your site, you can easily get alert about fall in goal completion rate in particular. Moreover, by opting for monthly alert, you can avoid being bombarded with frivolous alerts.

Flatlined Analytics: This is one of the intelligence applications that site owners and SEO people try to run for daily alerts. Operating on the same principle as traffic drop alert, Analytics reflect the percentage in its extremity. As soon as you get alert on this, you are sure that something has broken the analytics code.

While managing the several hundred sites is not commensurate with the capacity of a normal human brain, using Google Intelligence is one of the viable means. Getting alerts on the performance of a website will render the SEO guru more capable in terms of meaningful decision making. But it must be reiterated that opting for monthly alerts will be more sane idea, if you don’t mean to be freaked out.

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