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Six Smart Social Media Strategies to Enhance Your SEO Rankings

Some businesses think that they can be found easily in local search results by focusing and relying solely on SEO. Though it is really important to have an effective SEO strategy for your website, it is equally vital to incorporate social media into SEO strategy. SEO and social media marketing are two closely interlinked strategies that go hand in hand. These two organic, inbound strategies concentrate chiefly on building an attractive identity that would naturally grab visitors’ attention. Social media is all about robust brand presence and excellent content. Therefore, the efforts you devote to SEO could help in enhancing your social media reach. Any reliable SMO company would definitely point out that your search rankings can get a great boost by an impressive social media presence.

Impact of Social Media Strategies on SEO Rankings

SEO has undoubtedly been one of the most powerful and significant marketing strategies for small business organizations. However, the scenario has changed radically over the past few years. Currently social media networks such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and LinkedIn provide search engines with a direct window to understand a particular brand’s customer experience. A solid social media presence certainly proves to be the backbone of a successful SEO strategy. Small businesses should focus more on social media to ensure that search rankings are as high as possible.

Maximizing Your Fan Base

One of the important strategies is to maximize the number of your followers. The total number of connections and followers on your social media profiles has a remarkable impact on your SEO rankings. A company having 100 Twitter followers cannot dream of matching up to a corporate giant that boasts of a million Twitter followers and another million Facebook fans. The corporate giant would definitely enjoy a much higher SEO ranking. However, while trying to boost your fan base, you need to conform to some regulations. You simply cannot invest in proxy followers hoping to improve your overall rankings. Google has the tools for detecting the exact quality of your fans. Your emphasis should be in constructing your fan base organically. Consistency is the key to maximizing the number of your followers. You need to keep your users updated on a day to day basis. Come up with a presentation strategy that is unique and consistent. You may post interesting articles, useful tips, general discussions and open inquiries. Engage your users in direct conversations. Any renowned SMO company would suggest that direct customer engagements and conversations are useful in developing and sustaining an interactive fan base.

Creating a Content Strategy

You must keep in mind that both SEO and social media are content-driven. Excellent content helps in generating higher number of shares and greater engagement on social media. Greater shares and engagement sends a signal to the search engines about the authenticity of the brand. Google makes it a point to ensure that the users are getting to see only the most relevant and valuable content when they search online. In case your social media posts are linked to and shared frequently, the content would rank higher, as Google would consider it as more useful to users.

However, social media is not only a podium for sharing your website content. It should be used effectively as a greater platform for hosting resources and information for your buyers. With Pinterest for instance, your company can put up a board utilizing your product directory. Furnish your offerings, solve issues, and address grievances. To be precise, Pinterest helps to organize your value. If you have been successful in generating engagement, your board will definitely get a higher ranking in search engines, creating wider awareness about your business.

Making Link Building the Focus of Social Media Strategies

Small businesses are able to build links authentically by using social media channels. Social media encourages external sites to your posts or content. The diversity of the external links would establish the authenticity and high value of your content and Google would award a higher ranking to you. Social shares are a novel way of link building. A link that has been tweeted on numerous occasions will have much greater search engine visibility in contrast to another link that was not tweeted at all. You should decide to share your articles only on those channels where your target audiences would be present. The frequency of your shares should be determined keeping in mind the shelf life of contents and distinctive features of each platform. For instance, you may share your article on Facebook once or twice with an interval of a few weeks or even months, while you may tweet your content a number of times in a day. An efficient SMO company would help to determine the correct frequency after testing your audience responses.

Optimizing Social Media Networks for Local Search

Optimize social media networks for local search. It is essential to tap location based social media channels that are specific and relevant to your particular business such as Urban Spoon for any restaurant and Shopkick for a retailer. When location-based apps are used by businesses, they tend to figure high on search engine rankings. Suppose people are searching for location-specific information, you need to furnish detailed profile including address, hours of operation, phone number etc. that helps potential customers to make quick decisions about visiting you.

Raising Brand Awareness

It is important to boost online brand presence by high-quality content and increased engagement. Once the brand presence increases, there would be more branded Google searches. An increase in the frequency of branded searches may lead to a higher rank when non-branded keywords are used. It is a complex issue, but the crux of the matter is that greater social media presence definitely means greater search visibility.

Formulating Short-term and Long-Term Social Media Strategies

For any venture, a rounded promotion strategy with SEO and social optimization integrated seamlessly can work wonders. However, good long-term as well as short-term planning is necessary to pull this off. While you consider increasing your search rankings with SEO, you must also undertake a holistic approach. Promoting quality content and building both good impressions as well as good relationships with clients and customers alike will make the difference in the long run. All these nitty-gritties go a long way in building a brand and really defining what it is worth. If you do adopt an end-to-end strategy, you will soon have achieved perfection. Contact a reliable SMO company such as Indian SEO Company to come up with comprehensive and customized social media plans that would boost your overall SEO ranking. Remember that social media has the potential to bring about a rise in the volume of traffic that visits your website.

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