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SEO and Analytics Apps for Iphone That You Must Download

The invention of apps revolutionized every field of business and SEO industry is no exception. Earlier, people working in SEO companies had only desktops and laptops for their work but after the launch of smartphones, especially Apple’s iPhone, hundreds of SEO and analytics apps flooded the virtual world. Any SEO professional, having an iPhone or iPad, can download these apps and maintain their daily work from office or anywhere else in the world.

Here are some of the most popular and useful search engine optimization and Analytics applications for iPhone. The list features a range of apps that can help you in every possible way, from keyword density checking and SEM to analytics and website SERP ranking.

Adwords and SEO secrets: It’s always good to know the latest search engine optimization tricks and this app is perfect for this purpose. It features interviews of more than 30 experts, which help you bring more traffic to the client websites by sharing some helpful guidance.

Podio: It’s nothing but a virtual office and there are some similar apps available in the App Store. However, when it comes to variety of features, there is hardly any application that can compete with Podio. It’s completely free of cost and comes with in-built facilities like project management, messaging, scheduling etc.

SEO Pro: This is a must have app for monitoring optimization and marketing efforts. It lets you keep an eye on the Google Page Rank, Yahoo In links, Yahoo Indexed, Alexa Rank, Rank and URL Diggs. You can also view Meta tags and observe daily change in rankings.

Analytics Pro: It’s a costly app, but SEO companies don’t hesitate to invest in it. It delivers you all the crucial information from Google Analytics. For example, you can check visitor information and statistics. It presents the data in a clean and meaningful manner.

SEO Automatic: Although, there is a free version of this app, you should invest in the paid version. This app helps you in on-page search engine optimization.

Flipboard: It’s an online, customizable news magazine that syncs with your social media accounts. It helps you stay aware of the latest news from anywhere.

GoToMeeting: These days, SEO experts deal with clients from all over the world and this app is perfect for such professionals. It lets you host or attend meetings, seminars and conferences online without any difficulty.

Evernote: It’s a simple yet very useful app. Evernote works like a digital notepad where you can write down your thoughts, ideas, draw sketches and even take photos.

HubSpot: It provides analytics and search engine optimization features and also connects with social media accounts. You can view and publish content using HubSpot on social media sites.

HootSuite: It’s a great app for social media marketing. HootSuite lets you sync Facebook and Twitter accounts so that you can analyze social media traffic, schedule your posts and tweets and track brand engagement.

SEO companies have realized the power and potential of these apps and as most companies are adapting the BYOD policy, these apps will be accepted in more search engine optimization agencies in the future.

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  1. Hey there! These apps that you have shared are truly great ones. I have tried it and yes it really works. I truly look forward for some more interesting posts.Thank you guys!

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