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How to Boost Conversion Rate on Your Landing Page?

Landing page of a website plays the role of a manifesto and increases conversion rate. It does not matter how many people visit your site based on your page rank and SERP ranking; if they do not buy or subscribe, your business will suffer. However, it does not mean SEO is not important. It certainly is but a SEO company can only boost your site’s SERP ranking, not the revenue.

Many website owners blame usability and weak content for poor conversion rate but problems may lie within the landing page. If your online business is suffering, here are a few ways to  optimize your landing page to increase conversion rate.

Offer one goal – Too many options can confuse visitors. Therefore, mention just one goal in your landing page to encourage consumers to take an action. For instance, a magazine website can ask people to “subscribe” to their newsletters.

Reduce distractions – Sharing buttons, navigation links and sidebar are a few major distractions. For instance, if you want to collect email addresses of visitors, then social media sharing buttons are meaningless inclusions. Instead of adding too many elements, highlight your offers.

Give testimonials – Posting testimonials on the landing page is an intelligent idea. This way, you will be able to earn consumers’ trust quickly. When people find out that previous buyers have recommended your products/services, they will immediately pay attention to your offering. However, make sure that those testimonials are genuine. Don’t ask your SEO company to write fake, keyword-rich testimonials.

Overall layout design is crucial – Hire a professional web designer to design your landing page because if the design is not impressive, people will not pay attention to your call-to-action. Make sure that the colors and fonts are suitable for your business and logo is placed near the header for faster brand recognition.

Headlines matter a lot – People read the headlines at first, not the body content. Therefore, you should compose attention grabbing headlines to increase business. Highlight your offer, benefits and USP.

Ask less information – If you want to collect your visitors’ email addresses only, don’t ask people to share their phone numbers and home address. Ask for less information and more people will share willingly.

Focus on benefits – Your product may offer several features, but there are other products too out there offering the same features. Why will people buy your products then? Hence, you should highlight the benefits your consumers will get after buying your products. Let’s take a look at this example – “our AC offers great cooling at 45º C.” Good one but now read this –“our AC offers great cooling at 45º C and yet consumes less electricity. It saves your monthly electricity bill.” Now, that is a benefit.

Try A-B testing – Create multiple landing pages and use some A/B testing tools to know which page is giving better results.

Following the aforementioned suggestions, you will be able to improve landing page design and increase conversion rate. Make sure that the landing page design is SEO friendly to appear on SERPs. You can hire a SEO company and take their suggestions to maintain best optimization techniques in landing page design.

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  1. Asking for less information is the main thing because no one wants to fill a long detailed form. Testimonial is good thing but if you have any negative comment on your landing page then do not delete that comment. Try to resolve that issue by replying that comment, it shows how responsible you are. 🙂
    Try to be customer oriented rather than money oriented.

  2. I do agree with you. Depending on the relevance of your landing page your conversion rate gets increased or decreased.

  3. The tips you have provided are really effective for improving the conversion rate of your landing page.

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