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Be the Best SEO Company, Know Your Competition

A SEO company is the backbone of website designing companies. Without good SEO support the webpage will not be able to grab attention from prospective buyers or viewers. The main aim of on page SEO is to make sure that the webpage gets linked up with the best search engines possible. The web pages must be labeled with unique headlines and the contents should be thoroughly explained in a compact manner.

In this competitive market, the companies dealing with search engine optimization or SEO always thrive to stay on the top. Various other companies are there who are dealing with the same service as it is widespread now all over the world. To stay on the top you need to know more about your competitors so that you can get into a competition with them.

Points to know about your competitors:


Before analyzing your competitors you need to know more about their company, their employees and the products they sell. You can search their respective websites and get a thorough knowledge about them. To get the desired search results and avoid unnecessary ones the best option would be search with targeted keywords. This way the best names will show on the top of the list. And after listing the targeted companies, you have to analyze the design, content, images, and quality of their web page. You need to understand the reasons for their popularity among the search engines.

Keywords and back-links:

A very important aspect of every SEO company is the use of keywords. You need to take a look at the keywords and the density of
those words used by your opponents and see how nicely those are executed. If you cannot find the keywords that they are using, then you can also take the help of other software which will help you in finding the correct keywords for the website. Another significant point of these companies is backlinks. You have to look for the backlinks that your competitors are using to get some ideas for yourself. You can also ask other reliable sites for the best backlinks suited for your company.

Social sites:

Next you have to analyze the competitor’s links with the best search engines like yahoo or Google. You have to look for their ranks and performances in those sites. You can also look for the competitor’s indexed pages and the successful link they made with the search engines. Social media helps to get traffic from different sources. So you need to check if your competitors have any link with the social media. Though it is quite hard to find but some software can help in this matter. Check the posts that your competitors had posted on the social networking sites and see how popular it is.

All the above mentioned points are some valuable tips which can easily be followed to get detail information about the opponent teams. The on page SEO company must keep these in mind to get themselves at the top position and remain there.


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