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8 Amazing Non-Google Ways to Increase Web Traffic

Are the constant algorithm updates by Google getting on your nerves? Do you think it is high time to find some effectual ways to increase web traffic without Google? Then, you are reading the right blog post where you will come across eight successful strategies to boost website traffic, grow customer base and ensure high conversions and sales. A competent SEO company may help you apply these strategies proficiently.

How to increase web traffic sans Google?

The following eight strategies are the answer.

1. Blogging –

Blogging is effective in generating traffic, but there are certain tips and tricks that contribute to its efficacy. With your own blog, you can pen down articles on topics covering your area of interest. You have the power to express your own views, thoughts, opinions and your take on a particular matter or subject. If you are yet to create your blog, it is advisable to keep in mind the following points.

  • Include the main keyword phrase of your brand in your domain
  • The Meta title and description of your blog posts must contain your high-ranking keywords
  • Do not forget to insert long tail keywords in the title of each post
  • Choose relevant and competitive keywords for each post

2. Guest blogging –

Guest blogging is no more just a weapon to fetch links. Guest blogging in its truest sense is a powerful strategy to increase web traffic. When your write-ups get published on a website or blog having a high PR, it helps in a strong promotion of your brand and is a great demonstration of your grip in a niche area. With guest blogging, you can draw decent traffic to your website, popularize your brand and acquire impressive search engine rankings due to the good-quality inbound links directed to your website. Eventually, you will be all smiles with good conversions and sales.

3. Blog commenting –

It is high time that marketers stop deeming this as the easiest way to link building. There is more to blog commenting than just a platform to leave a link. It is fine that you want to drop a link, but is there any harm in being a bit more sensible while commenting on blogs? A silly comment with a link has the high chance to be ineffective. If you decide to think about blog commenting as a technique to develop a strong network, you have to be serious. Go through a piece carefully, find out if you have any valid point to suggest, criticize or appreciate and then, leave a comment. Your goal should be to start an interesting conversation or enhance the importance of a conversation already started by someone else. While blog commenting, do take heed of the following tips.
It is best to use your real name as the blog commenter. People will be able to find out more about you.
Never drop a link which steers readers to the Home page of your website. A link must direct readers to an article.

4. Email marketing –

If you think email marketing has lost its efficacy in pulling out traffic, you are nurturing a wrong notion or must be utilising it in an incorrect way. By using it appropriately, you can gain impressive conversions. You need to build a proper mailing list and there are several services to help you do that successfully. Creating engaging email alerts is essential if you want your customers to read them attentively. The importance of an email marketing campaign is that it helps to establish strong relationships with customers and gain their trust by offering them relevant and useful content frequently and for free. So, try to be creative while approaching them via this medium. Work hard on making the subject line of the mails captivating. If you are not sure about doing it on your own, you can take help of an SEO Company which has carved a niche in offering email marketing services.

5. Social media marketing –

Can you ignore the potential of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other immensely popular social networking sites to grow a large network and increase web traffic? Absolutely not! Reaching out to your niche customers is quite easy and fast on social media platforms because people of all age groups are pretty much active here. At first, you need to keep sharing valuable, fun and interesting information and work hard to become a member of a big and popular community and develop a good base of fans or followers who will click through your posts and land up on your website.

6. YouTube Marketing –

YouTube is the top video sharing site and is the most popular search engine after Google. It gets more than a billion views every day. Now, you can imagine very well how YouTube marketing can increase web traffic. A well-optimized video gets a strong and swift ranking on search engines. So, it is important that the Meta title, description and tags of your video feature relevant keywords and key phrases. There must be calls-to-action features so that people can comment and share your video on various social networking sites.

7. Social bookmarking –

Do you know social bookmarking can help you obtain high organic search rankings? If you have been neglecting this, make sure you do not do so anymore. Reddit and StumbleUpon are very popular social bookmarking sites. Upload unique, error-free, useful and engaging content on your website and post link of the content on Reddit or StumbleUpon. Pay attention to bookmark the content on the most suitable category so that you are able to cater to the most appropriate readers for the post.

8. Q&A sites –

Quora, Yahoo! Answers and are popular forums where people resort to find answers to their queries. Now, the matter is how you can utilise these forums to increase web traffic. Let me enlighten you on this. Participate in these forums and offer helpful answer to someone’s question. When you are successful in solving someone’s problem on these Q&A sites, you may be able to add one more individual to your follower base. This follower may become your customer and recommend you (your site) to his or her circle.

So, buck up and start implementing these eight superb strategies to increase web traffic. If you need any guidance during the implementation, consult an efficient SEO company offering all these services.


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