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Some Handy Twitter SEO Tips Vouched by SEO Company in India

If you think that Twitter is only a platform to share your personal thoughts and opinions, follow others and skim daily news, you are highly mistaken. Any SEO company India will tell you about the great marketing prospects that this social media platform has. It can be used effectively to build a professional network, boost web presence, establish a distinct web voice and finally, increase sales. Therefore, you should utilize this popular medium for your own good and witness your business scale newer heights of success. Here are some useful tips regarding twitter SEO through which you can ensure more number of followers and increased visibility:


Choose a handle or username that can be easily remembered and is highly relevant to your business. Creating a static address helps a lot in future search indexing.

Profile bio:

It is used by the search engines as a description when a search is made for a particular profile. Therefore, it should be meaningful and should contain relevant keywords. If you are not sure about which keywords to use, you can take the help of Google Adwords Keyword Tool in order to identify the most effective ones. In case of businesses having a local appeal, it is imperative to include the state and city too in the profile bio.


It can be called an electronic marker or highlighter. Therefore, you need to place it before significant words and

twitter profile of Indian SEO company

Twitter profile of Indian SEO company – Follow us @iseocompany

phrases in each of your business tweet. The reason for doing so is when the keywords are monitored by people in the same industry as yours on Twitter, your hashtagged topics and keywords would come up instantly. However, you should use them with discretion and not place them before every single word.


You ought to shorten your Twitter URLs in order to make sufficient space for relevant text. However, do not start shortening your links at random but modify them with, or other such programs. Take a decision about which of the keywords best illustrate your tweet and then your link has to be customized according to them. Remember that the words have to be separated with a dash.

Space for Re-tweet:

You would surely want others to re-tweet since it helps in gaining exposure significantly as vouched by the most expert SEO company India. Therefore, leave sufficient space for it so that your tweets do not get shortened.


One sure shot way of garnering industry attention, engaging business peers and networking with professionals belonging to the same field is re-tweeting. It ensures that more and more people will see your profile.


Though it is not directly related to SEO, it is a given that you have to provide good content since SEO cannot operate fruitfully without it. You should tweet things that are of interest to your followers and clients and offer something valuable. Your tweets should be an interesting mix of entertaining blurbs and industry-related news.

If you abide by these simple rules, you can enjoy all the benefits that come with Twitter search engine optimization

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