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5 Essential Steps in the Making of a Mind Blowing Infographic

Are you a professional in the field of digital marketing? If yes, you must know about all the recent trends and tools of this sector, so that you can become an expert in the digital marketing agency where you work. One such tool, which has become very effective and popular in modern times is infographic. This tool is very efficient in content marketing. Before the coming of infographic, content marketers posted blogs for heightening their visibility on the result pages of search engines. But, in the era of infographic, lively images are combined with compact text to enlighten audiences on a variety of subjects.

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Unfortunately for the world of content marketing, many professionals had started using infographics only for the purpose of link baits. Adequate research was not conducted before making them and they were not written or designed with expertise. Thus, many came to the conclusion that infographics were not really useful. But, this is not true. If created in the proper manner by professionals of a digital marketing agency India, infographics can be proficient in appealing to the audiences.

Moreover, as a large number of people now surf the Internet from mobile devices, the attention span of audiences is very short. In this case, visual content, such as infographics prove to be very efficient. It has been seen that infographics of a good quality have been liked and shared three times more than any other form of content. So, instead of demeaning the true value of an infographic by engaging in link bait, you can use this visual form of content marketing in a more effective manner. For that, it is important to create an impressive infographic.

In this blog, I shall guide you through the essential steps of making an infographic, so that you can do digital marketing in a successful manner.

The five essential steps of making an infographic are –

  • Choosing the correct style and topic

  • Conducting thorough research

  • Developing the content

  • Doing the design

  • Effective promotion

Let us take a look into each of these steps in a detailed manner

Step 1: Choosing the correct style and topic –

After you decide to do an infographic for your client at a digital marketing agency, you must decide on the style of the infographic. The style should be suitable for the industry for which you are making it. Let me give you some examples. If you are doing an infographic to demonstrate the evolution of a philosophy or technology, you must select timeline infographic. To exhibit the steps necessary in fulfilling some kind of task, you must choose instructional infographic. To display the similarities or differences in two concepts, you can use comparison infographic.

To choose the right style of infographic, you must devote some time in going through the infographic directories and study the ones that are exhibited there. Studying them can help you in getting some relevant idea.

After deciding on the style, you must engage in selecting the right topic for your infographic. You must choose a topic, which is currently trending in the industry in which your client belongs. The topic should give you enough scope of explaining it, with the help of an attractive infographic. You can take a look at Google Trends, in order to find out the topics that are recently in vogue. To get some help in choosing the right topic, you can also rely on tools, such as Reddit, Digg or Buzzsumo. You can also get some sparks on new topics from a specific industry from LinkedIn Pulse.

To choose an engaging topic for your infographic, you should also take out some time and go through all the blogs you had posted earlier. A content that had drawn huge number of audiences previously can be the best one for your next infographic. Audiences may love to revisit a visual content on one of their favorite topics.

Moreover, there are some topics that are evergreen and while working with a digital marketing agency India, you can make an infographic on one of them at any point of time.

If you can get some insight into an industry, with the help of customer survey data, you can display it in front of the audiences by the help of an infographic.

I would suggest you not to create an infographic on the topic on which popular infographics already exist. In case you are too inclined on one such topic, you can develop a new infographic from a different angle. Audiences may find it interesting to revisit an old topic from a new perspective.

If there are dual opinions on a single topic, you can side any one of them in your infographic. This can help you to fetch better response from the audiences, as a little bit of controversy can spice up your infographic.

Let me remind you here that the purpose behind an infographic must be to present something valuable to the audiences in an efficient manner. They should not be created only for promoting some service, brand or product.

Step 2: Conducting thorough research –

In order to make an exceptional infographic, you must find worthy sources. If your sources lack credibility, the narrative you form in the infographic is never going to gain importance in the eyes of the audiences.

You can research on facts and statistics on the topic you have chosen, in order to develop your infographic. To search data, you can start going through the records of the digital marketing agency, where you are an employee. While doing this, you must be careful to search for data that can be depicted visually. Data from sales reports, customer survey statistics and current information about a particular industry can be some of the sources you can gather from your organization for your upcoming infographic.

If your budget is big enough, you can even fund a report on market research, so that you can have current data for your infographic. It can verify the foundation of your infographic and please audiences, especially the ones who have an analytical bend of mind.

Depending on the topic of your infographic, you can also use the Internet to continue your search for valuable sources. This can enable you to get hold of trustworthy data free of cost. However, you must be careful in choosing only the valid sources from the Internet.

For instance, as a professional in a digital marketing agency India, if you want to get hold of the statistics on poverty in the developing countries, you can rely on the vast information available on the website of World Bank. To know about the fields in which audiences are showing interest recently, you can take help from Google Trends.  On the other hand, if you need to know about any particular city or specific geographical area, Geob.ase can be the perfect place for you to conduct your research. To collect data from scholarly articles and journals, you can look up on Google Scholar. Similarly, to gather information about the population of a particular country, for example the United States of America, you can rely on The Census.

Thus, depending on the topic of your infographic, filter your online search and come up with the best sources. Cite the sources at the footer of every infographic, so that audiences are reassured of their credibility.

Your search for sources does not end only with facts and statistics. You can also fish for quotes from eminent personalities from a particular field, in order to substantiate your infographic. Quotes from experts can be a great way to make your infographic even more plausible.

This kind of social proof is always preferred by the audiences. Thus, quotes can make the audiences form a liking for your infographic. The infographic you create can gain an edge over others, if you can include humorous or witty quotes in it. If empirical data can strengthen the base of your infographic, quotes can bring it closer to the heart of your audiences.

Step 3: Developing the content –

Once you are done with assimilating all the data for your next infographic for a client of the digital marketing agency where you work, you must start building a mighty narrative. To do so, you must start thinking visually. The content
of an infographic must always have the power to back the visual constituents, without being too conspicuous. In this part of the development of an infographic, you can take the help of a content writer, who has the training and experience to create the perfect infographic content. They know the right words and proper style that can add to the glory of the infographic you create.

The content that you use in an infographic must have a powerful narrative. The narrative should allow the readers to undertake a journey and feel enriched at the end of it. To create the most appealing narrative, you must place yourself in the place of the potential readers. You should then take into consideration whether the objective of the infographic is to entertain or educate. Also, irrespective of the motive behind the infographic, you must add an impactful headline and break the body of the content into smaller parts. Always remember to maintain lucidity in the narrative, so that readers can feel a flow as they progress in reading the content of the infographic.

Last but not the least, you must make sure to proofread the content of your infographic, with utmost care. If it is difficult for you to notice your own mistakes, take the help of your colleagues at the digital marketing agency India. This can help you to make the content flawless.

Step 4: Doing the design –

While you do the design of your infographic, you must keep in mind two things – functionality and aesthetics. There are certain things that you must consider, to cater to these two objectives. First of all, do not mess up the infographic with too many images and data points or too much text. Always avoid to bring the visual elements till the edge of your infographic, as it may appear slovenly. Also, maintaining a margin all around the infographic can have a positive effect on its readability.

The width of an infographic is generally 800-1000 pixels and its length is greater than this. So, in case you want to include more content, you must expand an infographic vertically, not horizontally. If your infographic becomes too wide, it can be difficult to share it later on.

The colors that you choose for an infographic must complement the subject. For example, if you want to create awareness about the environment through the infographic, use earthy hues. For a topic, which is too grave, avoid colors that are very flashy. As an online marketer in a digital marketing agency, play with the colors until an eye-catching contrast is created. To decide on a color scheme, you can take the help of resources like, Colourlovers.

When it comes to the fonts in the infographics, the best idea is to use two or maximum three fonts. It is not necessary to use the font, which is common in the company for which you are making the infographic. This is because infographics is not meant for promoting the business of your client. Its purpose is to showcase valuable information to the audiences.

Step 5: Effective promotion –

Once an infographic is complete, you must engage in promoting it effectively. You must make sure the landing page of an infographic is very user-friendly. It must include social media buttons, so that people can share it via popular social media platforms. You must make use of the available infographic directories, so that your infographics get displayed in front of the audiences.

With this, I have reached the end of my discussion on the making of an infographic. So, if you want to be a successful professional in a digital marketing agency India, make use of these steps and create stunning infographics that can appeal to a large number of audiences.


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