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Some SEO Tips – Knowing the Basics

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become a crucial part of online marketing. SEO is a technique that is used by webmasters, Internet marketers and optimizers to help a website boost its rankings so that it can come up in the search engine results page for popular keywords.

Having a great looking website with good content is not enough. You might be offering the best product or service, and really outstanding value, but it will not help you if your website is not visible. It is really essential that you are able to achieve a good ranking at Google, Yahoo and the other search engines, because if you don’t, your website will never receive the traffic it needs to succeed. Remember, most websites are found from the search engines, and hardly anyone will search beyond the first couple of pages. So, you must be there in the first 2 pages.

On page optimization to the changes you make in the pages of your website so that it can rank well. And off-page optimization refers to all the promotion activities carried out outside the website. It could be at article and press release directories, forums, blogs and other such places. A good SEO pro will devise a strategy that mixes both off page and on page optimization. Both of these are required to come up in the rankings for popular keywords.

Here are some important SEO tips for you,

  • The best way to ensure that your website ranks well is to get inbound links from other popular websites. But remember, you need links from websites that have a PR or Page Rank of at least 4. Google will calculate the number of links that are pointing to you, and so, the more you can get, the better it is. Also, try to get links from websites from all extensions – .gov, .edu, .net and others. It is OK to give away links to receive incoming links as well. Reciprocal linking has worked before, and it works even today.
  • Social bookmarking is important. Open accounts at bookmarking websites and publish your articles. Allow followers, and let them bookmark and you can see the ranks coming up. The social bookmarking websites are very popular. Google spiders them regularly.
  • Write articles and submit them to article directories. These articles will point to your website because of the link published, and you can get the back links. But, these articles will also educate the readers about your business. Many of them will click on the link and visit your domain.
  • Submit your website to online directories.
  • Create an XML Sitemap. It is easier for the search engine robots to spider through this XML page. Since you have published all the links to your website in this page, the spider will be able to visit these pages. Deep crawling by the spider will help you. This is one onpage optimization service you do not want to miss.

Always link the main images as people click on images. Search engines give value to content that is linked. Include the keywords in the alt text.

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