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The Intrinsic Link between Content Marketing and SEO

An inherent search presence can be gained by a SEO campaign with the help of quality write-ups. When content is shared by you with circles, groups or people you are connected to on different social media platforms, it can go viral or be shared by others only if it is informative and valuable. That is why any best SEO company puts as much stress on superior writing as on search engine optimization.

Content Marketing vs. SEO Tasks

A misconception has been created in the minds of certain website owners after the focus shifted to content creation and marketing. They assume that just because content is regularly published on their blog or website, its optimization is also taken care of. It has to be understood that creation of articles and blogs is not synonymous with search engine optimization.

A similar mistake was made by website owners in the past when they concentrated only on the amount of links they were receiving from several sites for optimization. It took the Penguin update of Google to jolt them from their misconception and remove it permanently.

SEO is a division of marketing but also has some unique aspects which are not always related to marketing. It also has several other long-lasting effects, benefits and objectives for the concerned site.

The SEO tasks that are connected to content are:

  • Ensuring that the site is regularly and correctly crawled
  • Indexing of the site URLs as per robot.txt specifications and the XML sitemap
  • Regular monitoring of the data and metrics of Google Analytics and webmaster tools
  • Implementation of the Authorship Markup
  • Implementation of Facebook Open Graph and Twitter Cards
  • XML sitemap update for images, videos and text content

Content marketing tasks, on the other hand, involve:

  • Regular creation of articles and blogs
  • Development of a content strategy
  • Planning the process of article and blog sharing on social media and throughout the web in different forms

Though SEO and article/blog marketing are interrelated and high quality writing does help in giving SEO efforts a boost, website owners should not give sole importance to creation and sharing of articles and blogs. Any form of best SEO company will corroborate this fact. A regular check also has to be kept on the fundamental SEO task of keeping a constant eye on crawling and indexing.

The life span of any article or blog that is shared on social media is very short. This is because readers hardly take any time to move on to the next write-up that catches their attention. The primary aim of sharing articles and blogs is to ensure maximum outreach. Thus, it should not only generate a buzz, create ripples and result in retweets but also get crawled as well as indexed by search engines for giving sites long-term benefits.

Moreover, website owners also have to take other factors related to search engine optimization into account. For instance, the Knowledge Graph of Google proposes to take search to a different level altogether. Again, Semantic search is not only about the web but also about all data, information and applications. All these have to be given due importance by website owners.

What Connects The Two

Though content marketing and SEO are two distinct industries, your search presence can be boosted by each piece of quality content. However, in order to ensure that, your site has to be wisely optimized for the search engines so that the right context of the content can be indexed and extracted by them. That is why the best SEO company believes that content marketing and SEO are two aspects that have to go hand in hand and be given equal importance for website optimization.

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  1. Hi! Thanks for providing these helpful information. There is certainly a link between content marketing and SEO and both are however inter-dependent on each other. Thanks for the share! I would surely come back to your blog again for more of these informative posts.

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