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Onpage Optimization & ‘Keyword Targeting’ Perfection Co-Relates

How to optimize a webpage? If you’re part of SEO, you probably must have heard this question quite a lot of times. However, there is sadly no cut and dry reply to it, however, a set of fair practices draws you near the edge and closer to what on page optimization actually is. Achieving optimized result isn’t possible, without ‘keyword targeting’ perfectly channelized, which is a major practice of an optimized page. You can start the process of optimization based on your constant testing and refined knowledge of targeting right keywords.

HTML Head Tags:

Most important aspect of on-page optimization elements is employing keyword term/phrase as the first word (s) in the title of the page. Clearly, such usage of keywords highly correlates with high page ranking of the site.

An adequate on page SEO calls for proper use of keywords or phrase in a meta description. Although it isn’t used for the purpose of ranking by major search engines, meta description is important due to its occurrence in the search engine’s visual snippet. Thus increased traffic is a resultant of boosting click-through rates for these keywords used in the meta tags.


URLs kept shorter are likely to perform better and drives to expected search result. However, the keyword targeted in the URL draws closer to the domain name and so the site outperforms among the rest. Now, framing a keyword-rich URL without hyphen leaves it with no effect. Hyphens are the king of separator between keywords in a URL, and thus is a clear choice for most on page SEO service.

Content-Specific Keywords:

Preferably, keywords are featured in the first initial words of the content page, so that the search engines appear to prefer those pages that employ greater number of keywords, rather than using the same later in the page text. An efficient onpage optimization service employed for the purpose prefers to optimize a page on the basis of keyword-rich content. Some professional seo companies use a particular format for the content, while there isn’t any formal data which brings in valuable ranking for the page. Thus, the greater the efficiency of the keywords, the wiser would be the performance of the site likely to catch attention of major visitors.

Body Tags:

Sharp SEO minds via on page SEO service widely depends upon optimizing techniques dedicated to adequate keyword density and avoids repetition. While it’s true that usage of keywords/terms in accurate ratio potentially improves upon the ranking of the site. However, employing variations in the use of terms and splitting them adequately is a key factor.

Do Not Disobey Optimization Best Practices

The answer is easy. The main truth is that we seek to produce great web content, but ignore or sometimes intentionally disobey proper use of keywords. During on page SEO, keyword targeting is certainly important, while other related factors can’t be avoided. It is advisable to follow rules of keyword-targeting during optimizing practice for a webpage. Getting the keywords targeted to the right audience in most of the important elements like titles, URLs and text content is indeed necessary.

An authentic on page optimization service relates to the adequate and substantial use of keywords targeted to enhance the ranking of the page. Both co-relate and avoidance to one of these causes hurdle to smooth flowing growth of a site.

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