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New Google & New Commandments for SEO

Back in 2011, many websites failed to dodge the sharp vigilance of Google and its algorithms. They experienced a shocking downturn in their rankings. The year marked the sudden and totally unwanted arrival of the dreadful Panda Update. Unwanted it was for a group of websites because before the unanticipated emergence, they were pretty much continuing with their low quality schemes. Once the update hit the block, they were compelled to bring forth some quality in their work. But, SEO services India that have always maintained quality and still doing so had and also will have nothing to fear.
Shortly after that, the Penguin update hit the block. It was equally awful for sites that used to spam Google’s search results. With this penalty, such sites were forced to put in efforts to eliminate bad links and spam.
So, if you are someone who has just plunged in the big and surreal world of search engine optimisation or aspire to make a career in this field, you must be eager to know what this two giant updates are actually all about. While I have already given an idea about them in the introductory paragraphs, let’s try to explore these two updates in details.

First Command for Improved SEO Strategies

Panda update – In February 2011, Google startled the SEO industry with an algorithm update called Panda. The search engine keeps on revising the update on a monthly basis. The aim is to track the websites that used to rank high with duplicate and erroneous content and make sure the search engine features nice and unique content.
As I said Google revises Panda almost every month, there was a refreshed update in the month of May of the current year. The experts said that Panda 4.0 is not just a revision; it is a new and significant algorithm change from Google. With Panda 4.0, Google has altered the process of spotting the low-quality sites.

Why the surprise blow?

When you make a search query, you want sound information, not some unintelligible jumble of words. If users come across some low-grade websites featuring spammed content messed up with keywords, they will probably stay away from exploring online resources. The prevention of bad user-experience is what on Google’s or precisely Matt Cutts’ mind behind the emergence of Panda update. This is a weapon to curb the rise of spammers and it seemed to have worked right.

How to Steer Clear of this Penalty?
The simplest way to avoid it is to ensure that your website features good quality content. The articles and blog should provide value to the users. Then only, it is possible to boost traffic to your website and build strong brand awareness. Those who have expertise in SEO and abide by the current edition of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, have nothing to be alarmed.
If you are confident that your content can match up to the quality of those published on a well-known industry website or an esteemed news portal, you are on the right track.

How is it possible to rise after being hit by Panda?

Sites that have experienced an upsetting drop in search engine rankings due to the update can recover for sure, but slowly and steadily. The two important steps towards the restoration are modifying content and posting first-rate articles to the website and continuing with these essentials in future as well.
As an emerging SEO expert, it is your duty to offer the best SEO services India to your clients. So, grasp all these aspects in your mind.

Second Command for Superior SEO Strategies

Penguin update – In April 2012, Google released a shocker (for inferior services) and a hit (for superior services). It was Penguin update. While the goal of Panda update was to identify the sites containing clutter in the name of content, the purpose of Penguin update was to locate websites that gained rankings by purchasing links. Following the emergence of this update, many sites crashed in rankings while some managed to hold their position. The latter group survived the penalty because they did not follow the unworthy method of fetching links through link networks.
The reason behind the action
Just like the Panda update, the Penguin update wanted to make sure Google is devoid of spam. With regular revision of this algorithm software, the search engine wants to categorise websites that follow link-building strategies very much against Google’s guidelines. It can be said that Google has been successful in curbing web link spam to a considerable extent with this action.
How to get back after being penalised by Penguin?
The first and foremost thing to do in this respect is to discard any sort of bad links. After that, it is feasible to engage in a new and effective link-building strategy. The campaign needs to put emphasis on natural inbound links like, universal anchors. But, without high-quality content, it is not possible to come up with good links.
There have been a good number of updates following the Panda update in 2011 and the Penguin update in 2012. Google is insisting on nothing but quality to keep the end users happy.
Therefore, let’s observe the main points in a nutshell.

  • Unique, informative and flawless content is necessary
  • Acquiring valid links through accurate search engine optimisation techniques is compulsory
  • Keywords need to be placed properly keeping in mind the exact density and relevance

These formed the focal point before too, but Google had to come up with Panda and Penguin updates to punish those having a penchant for unethical means. Whoever takes the wrong step must be ready to face dire consequences.

In simple words, the two major updates and their frequent amendments address websites to never compromise on quality and SEO professionals to come up with better and higher-quality SEO services India. As long as web users are happy with your website, you don’t have to worry about SERP ranking. Keep an eye on the upcoming updates and change your SEO strategy accordingly. Follow the suggestions given by Google and White Hat SEO ethics will help you gain success.

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