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Know the Google Penguin Survival Rules

Are you worried about how to protect your website from the new Google Penguin update? Protecting the website from the Google Penguin Update is one of the vital problems any SEO company India is facing today. Therefore, creating a good quality on page SEO, along with protecting the site from being misinterpreted by Google Penguin, is very important for the organizations.

What does the Google Penguin Update mean?

Now-a-days too many spam websites have made it an extremely important issue for providing protection to the legitimate and authentic websites, besides creating tools to recognize the spam website with low quality content. For this reason the Google team has invented the Google Penguin update as a web-spam killer, like its former Panda Update.

Ways of saving the authentic websites:

However unfortunately, this update sometimes tends to misinterpret authentic websites as spam. If you want to save your website from such misinterpretation, here are some very basic rules to follow and protect your website and its contents.

  • Your SEO article should not be stuffed with too much of keywords as it is not a good content writing practice. According
    to the Google rules, extreme usage of keywords is no more necessary. So be careful to maintain the quality of your content with an optimum amount of keywords usage.
  • You should never send shady or cloaking redirects which use Javascript, ASP or meta refresh as these are not legitimate methods of search engine optimization.
  • You should get it very clearly that Google does not encourage receiving any sort of automated queries to its servers, without permissions. So make sure not to make that mistake.
  • It is not encouraged to have too many out bound links or OBLs as per Google guidelines. Therefore, you should be aware of controlling the number of outgoing links from your website.
  • Spamdexing pages should never be used as doorway pages are easily identifiable by the Google Penguin update.
  • You should be extremely careful of not using any kind of badwares that can spread Trojans, malwares and viruses. Google Penguin easily identifies them and your websites gets penalized for that.
  • You should participate in affiliate marketing only after making sure that your site is adding value. Your website visitors should be benefitted with good quality content on your websites. `
  • Using hidden links or hidden texts with your SEO content is not a good practice and you should be aware of not using it within your content. This is something which can easily help the Google Penguin catch hold of you and penalize yours for being a spam site.
  • Creating sub-domains and duplicate pages are never appreciated by Google team and therefore make sure that you are not using these methods of your on page SEO.
  • There are various link schemes and bad neighbourhoods which will tempt you to increase your page rank. You should always refrain yourself form such things as Google never facilitates them.

Following the above discussed rules will definitely help you to protect the security of your website. Any SEO company India who is aspiring to deliver quality content should keep all them in mind while preparing the content so that future problems can be kept aside and the status of the website can always remain high.


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