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How To Keep Your Guest Blogging Algorithm-Proof ?

If you are a blogger, you surely have goosebumps every time you hear of an algorithm-update by Google. You tend to worry about the fact that all the efforts that you have made may be flushed down the drain at once, with an update of Google algorithm, making you lose your rank over night. Hence, you would have to start anew with new promotional strategies. However, if you work with an internet marketing company, they can take care of all the challenges that Google keeps throwing at the bloggers and web masters.

Guest blogging has always been a great method that bloggers have used for building links to their sites. Bloggers, thus, often wonder that if guest blogging can continue to be a good strategy even after a new Penguin or Panda update. Yes, it is possible for guest blogging to survive all the blows of Google, however, only if you can manage to adapt your strategy with the times and gear up for what the search engine is looking for as far as quality links are concerned. Of course, you should not rely only on guest blogging for link-building, but it is still a good strategy to be used along with the others.

Here are five strategies that can help you when using guest blogging as a strategy of link building. With these you can avoid falling on your face whenever a Google algorithm comes along:

Firstly, take care of your blog

All of it begins with your blog. If your own blog is not up to the mark, no amount of link building through guest blogging can be enough to draw traffic to your site. While, on the other hand, quality content can potentially get you the best links, even without having to ask for it.

Once you manage to have quality content, you will naturally start getting readers, who will regularly be visiting your site and following it. In order to enhance the quality and relevance of your blog, you need to make sure that you produce quality content. So, pad your archives with as much great information as you can and make sure that your blog does not only has well-written content but also original one that does not look spun from another one. This cannot be done over night; you need to put in the required time and effort to make your blog shine with all its brilliance. Remember, if you have good content, people will come asking for links from you, instead of vice versa.

Focus on Guest Post Qualities

If you are putting in so much effort when writing for your own blog, do not compromise when writing for others. Bloggers often seem to get lazy when posting in others’ sites; submitting posts that they do not consider good enough for their own sites. But that is not the way to go. You should maintain equal quality for your own posts as well as for guest posts.

Internet marketing company states what an ideal article should look like. It should have a snappy title, have a good body that reads well, is free from grammatical and syntactical errors, and is at least 1,000 words long.

Hence, put in as much effort in guest blogs as you do for your own. You see, it is all about working hard first.

Approach the Right Blogs

These days its quality over quantity as far as guest blogging is concerned. Having links from a few good blogs is much better than having lot of links from not so good blogs, in the eyes of Google. If you are a blogger who’s putting in his or her best for creating write ups, you should not settle for anything but the very best, when looking for a home for them. Yes, it is much easier to approach the not so good blogs, who are ready to post your write ups immediately, but, it is better to take some time to get them to the good ones that operate on strict rules when choosing their guest bloggers. If you are confident about your writing, please do not settle for the second-best.

Analyze the blogs you want to work with before approaching them. Consider the quality of the blogs that they showcase; also see the types of blogs that link to them and they link to. Is there a common theme or criteria in these blogs? Are they one of those blogs that grant links to any one who approaches them?

Stay in your Niche

If you don’t do so, you won’t be able to build relevance and integrity. People want guest bloggers who are experts in their fields and know what they are talking about. If you are posting on a variety of topics you will never be able to earn the trust of other popular bloggers of your niche, because you practically do not have one. You can surely write on baseball, mobile apps and finances at the same time, but these posts won’t be as valuable as will one that is published within your one particular niche.

The more you appear to be a specialist in a certain field, the more trust you can gain in your niche; thus, more and more sites will invite links from you.

Go Easy on Keywords and Anchor Texts

Gone are the days when anchor texts used to be of utmost importance in guest blogging. Nowadays, Google’s focus is not on anchor texts and keywords, but on the general content. If you get a good keyword, then, you should obviously use it, but do not treat it as the ‘make or break’ standard. Getting a link from an anchor text is good only if the site that it is linking to you is good enough. Besides, Google will also notice if you get nothing but links from keywords and can penalize you as well. However, you can get away with anchor texts like ‘click here’ or other conventional and simple anchor texts.

Similarly, when using keywords, make sure they are as natural as possible. Make sure you do not sacrifice on the readability of the blog.

If you think you cannot handle all these, then get in touch with an internet marketing company; they’ll handle everything for you.

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