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How Can A Digital Marketer Ensure High Rank On Search Engine Results Page?

Do you want to get more traffic to your website? Do you want your business to have huge amount of online footfall? Now, that can be pretty easy if you hire an SEO company India. A digital marketing expert in the SEO company can make sure that your website traffic gets converted into clients. He or she utilizes search engine optimization strategies to drive the audience to your website and generate leads. Today, we are about to indulge in some SEO strategies employed by a digital marketer.

What does a digital marketer do to enhance traffic to your site?

A digital marketer optimizes your website so that it can rank on search engine results pages (SERP) like Google and Bing. If you think that digital marketing is a quick process and you can find your site on top of SERPs, you are mistaken. A digital marketer has to monitor the results on search engine pages and assesses the factors that can trigger your website sales. He or she takes measures to ensure the visibility of your site and higher conversion rate.

What are the SEO strategies followed by an expert digital marketer?

# National search engine optimization

Businesses that cater to nation wide clientele and are not limited to a particular location opt for national SEO. If your business offers products or services to anyone within the country, your business falls under the national category. The digital marketer optimizes your site in such a way that anyone can come across your website. However, aiming for success through national SEO strategies can be quite a challenging task if you are trying to compete with popular brands. The digital marketing expert in the SEO company India focuses on your service or products and the not the location where you have your office.

An experienced digital marketer will create separate landing pages for various locations so that your brand’s existence is viewed in those localities. Remember trying to expand into a larger clientele, means that you have to face more competition and employ advanced techniques.

# Local search engine optimization

If you cater to consumers within a particular geographical area, local SEO is your tool to success. Sometimes, searchers look for businesses offering products or services in a particular place. For instance, let us consider you have a flower business in Kentucky. So, the keywords to optimize your site for search engines should refer to the name of the place. ‘Funeral flowers in Kentucky’ is more effective than mere ‘funeral flowers.’

In order to bring your business to the forefront, the digital marketer registers your site with directory sites. You can also sponsor local events. The digital marketer can then mention about the events on social media in the form of videos, pictures or blogs. By creating local profiles of your business on Bing Places for Business and Google My Business, the marketer can make sure that your business grabs attention of local searchers. The digital marketer also tries to get reviews from clients on local listing pages. Building citations also play an important role in getting your business on top of local searches. In creating citation, a digital marketer refers to the name of your business, phone number and address on a site.

# Technical search engine optimization

Now, this is the most important part of SEO strategies. Digital marketers in an SEO company India look into the technical elements that can make your site rank on SERPs. Technical SEO involves checking whether the site displays 404, 302 and 301 errors. For example, your site is not monitored for the 404 error. Now, you have removed content from a particular page, but forgotten to remove the URL. The page is naturally going to display the 404 error. Every time a searcher enters that page he or she is disappointed. This creates the negative perception about your brand and you may lose clients.

Another important function of an SEO expert is verifying the mobile friendliness of your website and monitoring the loading time of each page. Descriptions, image titles and title tags are other technical aspects of search engine optimization.

# Barnacle searches engine optimization

If you own a start-up restaurant, it is obvious that your initial days are going to be bleak. Yes, you have a website and you are optimizing it. SEO takes the time to reveal its power. But, there is an idea. Cling to a larger website. You can attach yourself to a popular listing website or a user review website. Searchers who are looking for a restaurant in a specific area can visit the listing website and come across your restaurant. Searchers often visit a user review website to see the ratings, menu and reviews about restaurants. When they come across your restaurant and like the reviews, they visit it.

This technique of holding on to a larger site to leverage its traffic is called Barnacle SEO.

These were some of the techniques that came to my mind. If the SEO company India you hired has other SEO techniques up its sleeve, do not forget to let us know.

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