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Why Indian SEO Company is Reducing their Directory Submissions?

Like many other aspects of human life, the issue of search engine optimization has also undergone huge changes in the last few years. Since the introduction of search engines, business units all over the world had relied heavily on them to get global exposure. Previously, securing a good rank in search engine pages was much easier but with increased competition, it has become more and more difficult to ensure an impressive rank in search engines. Thus, a large number of pages that used to hold good position in search results by the virtue of link building and keyword stuffing are literally struggling to hold ground. An India SEO company always tries to safeguard the interest of websites and therefore, many companies have decided to cut back on the process of directory submission in order to protect the pages from being penalized.

Directory Submission:

Directory submission is a process in which a website is submitted to the web directory in order to improve the reach of the website’s link. The main advantage of using directory submission is that it creates a large number of links that lead to the website. Based on the number of links, the search engine (SE) positions the page in the search results. More is the number of links, better is the position.

Drawbacks and Pitfalls:

But, this traditional SEO process has some pitfalls as well. As it is solely dependent on the number of links, many pages that are not that rich in content gain good position. This is problematic especially for SE users. So, several new technical developments have been made in the search engine processes in order to provide more useful search results. Nowadays, mere link building is not an effective method of increasing the ranking of a page. As the main objective of an India SEO company is to provide the most effective and efficient services to clients, directory submission is now being abjured by many.

The Webmaster, Penguin and Panda link schemes are designed to exclude pages with a large number of links or stuffed with keywords yet devoid of any useful content. Any such website is placed in the last ranks of the search results, thus channeling less and less traffic to them. It is to be kept in mind that the process of directory submission is useless against these modern link schemes and, hence, hardly deliver the desired results.

Why cutting back on Directory Submissions?

The companies that are cutting back on directory submission are generally compensating 15 directory submissions with one local business listing. This would help small and medium scale business enterprises to get the maximum possible exposure within their specified area. The advantage of local business listing is that it ranks websites according to the locality, thus helping someone looking for a particular service get an idea about the best businesses within a specified area. An India SEO company is generally managed by expert and skilled professionals having years of experience in the field of SEO; therefore, clients can rest assured of getting the best possible services in this field.

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  1. This is true that link building through the medium of directory submission is seriously of no use and is not appreciated by Google too. Any way, I do appreciate your exceptional details that you have provided. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Hi!!
    I really find this post to be informative. Yes, directory submissions is reducing its importance these days and specially just after the algorithmic update. I like the concept and must appreciate that. Thanks for the share!!

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