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How to Make Sure Your Guest Posts are Accepted?

Guest posting essentially denotes writing as well as publishing an article on another individual’s blog or website. It has numerous benefits because of which it is considered to be an effective marketing tool by any SEO company in India. However, in order to reap the benefits that come with it, you have to make sure it is accepted in the first place.

Here are some tips to ensure the easy acceptance of your guest posts:

Choose a blog first: One common mistake made by most new guest posters is writing a post and then looking for an appropriate host blog. It is a much better idea to do the reverse so that all aspects of your writing including the vocabulary used, the topic chosen or the manner in which your post is structured and formatted is influenced by the host blog. This is particularly important because the standard length of posts, tone and style and range of topic vary from one site to another.

Go through the guidelines thoroughly: Majority of big blogs have particular guidelines with respect to guest posting that cover everything from word limit and formatting needs to the topics preferred by them. Read these guidelines carefully and strictly adhere to them while writing your posts. If there are no published guidelines, you can send an email to the editor and inquire about it. Or else you can browse through the posts already published in the site in order to gauge their preferred style and length.

Link to other posts: Providing links to other posts on your target blog can increase your chances of guest posting significantly. It gives the impression that the post has been crafted exclusively for the host blog. It also indicates your familiarity with the blog. It is a good idea to link to older posts since they do not get much attention after a point. However, linking to your own blog is definitely not recommended because it may cause your post to be rejected altogether.

Give extra importance to editing: The importance of editing is paramount in the case of guest posting, as is felt by every SEO company in India. There are a number of reasons for that. Firstly, in guest posting, you do not have access to the published post. In such a scenario, if you encounter any typo or a broken link, it can be very difficult to fix it. It can be so embarrassing to request the busy blog owner to correct those mistakes. Also, as they say, first impression is the last impression. If your post comprises several grammatical errors or typos, it can convey a very negative image of yours in the eyes of the blog owner. Therefore, read your blog post aloud in order to identify all the errors present in it.

Write a friendly and polite query mail: You are usually required to send an accompanying mail along with the post. Though it is only a formality, this mail is the first thing that is read by the host blogger. That is why it is crucial to write a mail that is professional yet friendly.

These are some of the ground rules any SEO company in India offering guest posting services swear by. Therefore, it makes sense to religiously follow them.

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