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Facebook is Changing – An Account of its Latest Updates

Social media fans, there is a new kid in town. Wondering what it is? Shedding light – Facebook is now making significant changes in its algorithm.

They are changing the way they are ranking stories. They now add and update signals to their ranking algorithm. If you are anxious to know why Facebook is on a role, you must know that the social media platform is eager to generate more and more traffic by showing authentic content. How?

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To get an answer to your question, you may seek the help of an SMM company, where social media experts are constantly endeavoring to advertise client companies on social media platform in an ethical manner. They keep themselves up-to-date about the latest changes and updates to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to make sure that their clients are always on top.

Coming to the point, one can say that Facebook is actually reducing spammy and misleading posts. I don’t think there is any need to mention that most of you have clicked on sensational and seductive content at some time or the other, only to realize that you are being welcomed into a labyrinth of more and more useless stuff that solely aims to generate crowd (read traffic). Quite frustrating I must say, this is. In short,

 has called a war against fake news and has taken up the sword to enhance news literacy.

This is not the first time that Facebook has reacted to the
fake news. It has taken the following steps earlier. Do take a look.

  • Come up with an update sending a clear warning to fake news and hoaxes.
  • Started the Facebook Journalism project for basting up journalism and creating better ties with news publishers.
  • Now, any expert working with an Indian SEO company can tell you about the newest announcement from Facebook’s box of secrets.

Latest Updates of Facebook

Here are Some of the Latest Updates of Facebook

# Real-time signals updated

According to Facebook, while ranking feed to decide upon the relevance of a post, real-time signals are indeed important. For instance, the company professionals often look at the engagement on a post; whether a video, an image or a comment, to understand its relevance. They keep a tab on the likes, comments, and shares on each post to determine how apt it is and how it should be ranked. They keep improving news feed to understand the significance of different signals at different times.

The new update allows Facebook to evaluate how signals alter in real time. Thus, one can conclude that in case there is quite an amount of engagement on a particular topic or many people are engaging in a post from a page, that page or topic is relevant and has importance to you. Accordingly, Facebook will show that post higher in your feed.

For instance, in the event that your favorite cricket team has just won a match, Facebook is going to show the game at a higher stage in the News Feed. The reason is that an increasing number of people are actually talking about the match and are eager to know about it. If you ask an SMM company expert, he or she can easily give you an insight into the matter.

# New signals will analyze original content

Authentic communication is one of the most significant news feed for Facebook. A recent survey of the community suggested that people are prone to stick to content or post that is not spammy or sensational. Well, isn’t that natural? After all, humans may get duped by spammy stuff once, but they will always prefer genuine content that is informative and useful.

During the process of News Feed ranking, Facebook considers several aspects, one of them being the closeness you share, with the person sharing the post or how frequently you visit the page. Besides, the engagement rate on each post, such as likes, comments, and shares on each post is also taken into consideration.

Add original content

The new update allows this popular social media platform to add new universal signals for determining whether a post is authentic or not. Now, you must be wondering how Facebook went about in their determination process. At first, they put the pages under the scanner to realize, if they are opting for game feed or are spamming. In this manner, they realized if the post was asking people to like, share or comment. The posts are then used to train a model, which constantly singles out pages that are not authentic.

Sounding mysterious? Well, an expert in an Indian SEO company can tell you that Facebook claims that those posts that are hidden by the readers may not be authentic. In the event that Facebook’s new signals determine a post to be authentic, it might show up higher in your News Feed.

Impact Of The New Changes And Updates On A Page

It is thought that most pages will not undergo much change in their distribution in News Feed. However, while some of the pages might experience a little bit of rising in outbound clicks or referral traffic, others may see a small decrease in the same. All social media marketing professionals must see to it that they keep posting relevant stuff, without fail.

# New Way of Ranking Video

With organic reach evaporating, social media professionals are increasingly advising business owners to embrace video on Facebook. In fact, many of the ace marketing experts believe that Facebook video is going to turn out as one of the trendiest social media aspects of 2017. This year, several businesses will aim to enhance their reach by videos on the social media site.

Thus, Facebook is in need of finding a new way of ranking all those videos that are peeking below the blanket to get the attention of the readers and the viewers in the News Feed. So, what does Facebook do? Ask an SMM company expert and he or she will tell you that the social media platform will depend on an engagement metric for the algorithmic trick.

Faceboook Video Marketing

Percent Completion as the New Way to Rank Videos

According to Facebook, the ranking signal for videos will have a  News Feed – completion rates. They commented that they will look into the percentage of the viewership of each video to determine, which video you enjoyed and which one you did not. Now, isn’t it natural that you will watch a video for a longer span of time, if you like it and vice versa? They also take into consideration the size of a video. This is because watching a longer video demands more time and interest than going through a comparatively shorter one. Therefore, if a long video is completely watched by a viewer, it shows that the video is worth watching and is really relevant to the viewer. Therefore, Facebook gives more weight to the completion of a longer video instead of penalizing it, if a viewer watches it for a lesser span of time.

You may ask a professional at an Indian SEO company about the latest update regarding the videos. The expert will inform you that Facebook stressed on the fact that most of the pages will not go through many alterations in the field of visibility. But, they also mentioned that shorter videos will not go completely scot-free. They may, as well, see a little bit of decrease in the distribution of News Feed.

Till date, Facebook has adhered to the following factors for determining the ranking of videos.

  • The video was listened with its sound on or not.
  • The comments, shares, and reactions of the viewers.
  • The duration of which the viewers watched the video
  • The video was watched in full-screen or minimized.

In this matter, marketers do have a significant role to play. They have to make sure that the video must have engaging content, no matter what length they have. If people get bored while watching the video, the business ultimately is on the losing end as it loses its visibility.

Marketers should see to it that the Facebook videos are performing up to the mark by checking the video analytics. In the event that the professionals at the SMM company notice a low completion rate, it is time they get back to square one, with their drawing marker and start chalking down a new video strategy to make sure that an increased number of people are watching it fully or at least, more than they usually watch.

# Facebook Journalism

To ensure a meaningful conversation, Facebook has come up with a new kind of platform called Facebook Journalism to help thrive a healthy news and information transfer among users.

Facebook Journalism works in the following ways

Training and Tools for Journalists

As far as training is concerned, Facebook is now offering a series of e-learning courses on tools, services, and products of the network. They will be expanding their training to 9 additional languages and collaborate with Poynter in order to launch a certificate course for journalists. CrowdTangle, a tool for surfacing stories, was acquired by Facebook to calculate the performance of stories and identify influencers.

Facebook Journalism

It has been noticed that journalists are using Facebook Live to find and share news for connecting with their audiences. More and more tools are being introduced to assist journalists in using Live for reporting and discovering news easily. As of now, page administrators can designate certain journalists as contributors by giving them the capability to go live instead of the page. As per an Indian SEO company expert, this change has been designed to make the reporting more flexible.

News Products are Developed in a Collaborative Manner

One of the best products is local news as it brings together several communities that are closer to home. Facebook wants to come together with news partners across borders to support local news. The company is indulging in an increased manner to make sure that they get lots of input from journalists and newsrooms to understand how local news can appear on Facebook.

Another important aspect of collaboration comes into view when marketing experts deal with the preferences of people for consuming news and notice the gradual change. They gather that they need to identify the storytelling formats that can appeal more to people. Facebook wants to evolve the existing formats and also build new ones to improve the needs of their partners, like  Instant Articles, Live, 360, etc. For instance, editors often want to present story packages for their readers on Facebook. These efforts will help readers to access many stories at a time from their news organization.

Facebook consistently meets with the media and plans to meet with publishing partners throughout the world. An SMM company expert can tell you that Facebook also has plans to host its global partners in their annual conference.

Facebook advertising intends to promote news literacy with the help of third-party organizations to assist people in the community in having the data they need to determine as to which sources they should trust. They have plans to conduct new research in this field. The public service ads of Facebook are going to let people know about these approaches and plans of Facebook. With these steps, Facebook aims to promote its literacy plans and support those news organizations that have projects to enhance news literacy.

Facebook undoubtedly has a range of updates up its sleeve to make sure that its users can make the most of its reach. You can ask any Indian SEO company professional to help you in this matter.

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